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NPR News: 08-07-2020 6AM ET

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Bonnie from NPR news on Korva Coleman Congressional Democrats and White House negotiators have not made much progress on a new coronavirus relief build house Speaker Nancy Pelosi says one sticking point is that Republicans won't incorporate their demands for extra federal unemployment benefits to Americans help clear that we should do something and we should do something big and we should do it in a way that is bipartisan as we have done every other Bill white house chief of staff Mark Meadows as Democrats aren't serious about trying to compromise on legislation. He says President Trump could help Americans faster with executive orders. The president is right to be frustrated with Congress. We've we've been here now going on two weeks and we still don't have a deal and his willingness to take action through his executive powers should be applauded mean while President

Have signed an executive order imposing economic sanctions against the Chinese owners of the video sharing app Tik Tok this also targets the messaging service WeChat NPR's by the Alan has more Trump invoked has emergency economic powers to declare Tik Tok and we chat a national security threat to order bans any transactions between the companies in u.s. Consumers effective in 45 days for Tik Tok. I hit video sharing app. The order will likely Force Apple and Google to remove the app from app stores for the more than a hundred million Americans who have already downloaded to talk experts say the order will make it impossible for the app to receive system updates The Cliffs New pressure on Microsoft, which is in early talks to acquire the USS sets of tick tock the White House. The Chinese Communist Party could access the data of u.s. Users to Blackmail or spy on American citizens Bobby Allen NPR News, San Francisco for managers at Mississippi poultry plants are now

Steve federal charges as follows last year's workplace immigration raids there some of the largest range ever from Mississippi Public Broadcasting Desiree Frazier has more Mississippi US attorney. Mike Hurst says the for managers worked at to poultry plants in are the first to be indicted from companies that were the target of US immigration and custom enforcement ice agents rated 7 plant arresting 680 immigrants accused of working in the country. Illegally, her says the managers are charged with helping undocumented immigrants live and work in Mississippi have been represented fraudulently and individuals have lied to investigators says 400 people had their identity stolen as a result of the crimes for NPR news. I'm Desiree Frazier in Jackson, Mississippi. You're listening to NPR.

Teams in Beirut continue to search for bodies in the rubble from this week's Warehouse explosion at the city's Port nearly 150 people were killed and more than 5,000 injured when explosive chemicals caught fire and blew up a Confederate monument in Bentonville. Arkansas has been approved for relocation. The deal was brokered by the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Arkansas. Remember station kuaf in Fayetteville Jacqueline Froehlich has more the sculpture was erected in 1908 on the Bentonville Town Square to honor former confederate soldier, Arkansas governor and US senator James H. Barry The Monuments being moved to a private park next to a cemetery where Barry is buried Ralph Wilcox State national register historian says the monument is the one of the Dozen in Arkansas.

Have been removed Across the Nation of those 5 where we located pending approval by the National Park Service the September for NPR news. I'm Jack will and froelich results are in from Tennessee Senate primary Democrat and black activist Marquita Bradshaw upset her opponent and won the nomination to run for the seat of retiring Senator Lamar Alexander former US ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty won the Republican primary. He will face Bradshaw in the fall. Tennessee has only elected Republican Senators since 1994. I'm Korva Coleman NPR news.
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