NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-07-2020 12PM ET

NPR News: 08-07-2020 12PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein, the labor department says us employers added 1.8 million jobs in July, but NPR's Jim zarroli reports the pace of economic recovery amid. The coronavirus pandemic is Flowing employment rate fell to 10.2% last month down from 11.1% the month before employers continue to add jobs, especially in government and Leisure and Hospitality. The unemployment rate topped 15% in March as businesses shut down on mass the job market has recovered some ground since then, but more than a million people are still being laid off each week many businesses in some states have been forced to close down again, as cases of the virus have surged and the jobless rate remains very high by historical standards Jim. Zarroli NPR news.

160000 according to Johns Hopkins University coronavirus infections are nearing 4.9 million. Well contact tracing is crucial to curbing the spread NPR Selena Simmons deafens reports and NPR analysis finds. The number of contact Racers isn't growing fast enough to keep up with Rising caseloads after serving States in mid-june. NTR found / 37000 contact Racers Nationwide six weeks later that number has only marginally increased. It's about 42,000 several States didn't respond to multiple requests from NPR. So they're real total maybe hire our analysis of the Staffing figures based on local case cows found only four states and Washington DC have enough contact Racers. Those states are Alaska Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Salinas in his Duffin NPR news in Lebanon.

155 people have died in the massive explosion that rocked Beirut this week more than 5,000 people are injured and NPR's Ruth Sherlock reports bayreuth essential infrastructure is badly damaged. Some of the hospitals in Baton Rouge was so badly damaged by the place that they had to evacuate that patients and close the wells house. Organization says favorite just lost 500 beds of capacity and the containers with thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment used to protect against the coronavirus a destroyed. There are also concerned about food supply school. Which was destroyed in the explosion is the main entry point for food imports how much Lebanon heavily realized their worries that prices will rise in a country already in an economic crisis. And where much of the population is already struggling to afford basic Goods with shut up & Gianni's on Wall Street. The Dow is down 96 points. This is NPR.

After Ohio Governor Mike dewine was unable to greet President Trump in Ohio yesterday because of testing positive for Coronavirus. The wine was later tested again, and he was negative. He still quarantining at his home in Cedarville, Ohio. He says he plans to get tested again tomorrow groundbreaking filmmaker Ava Duvernay has won. This year's Gish prize NPR's Neda ulaby reports. It's one of the nation's most lucrative Arts Awards. This price is worth a quarter million dollars paid from the estate of silent film stars Lillian and Dorothy kiss. It's intended to celebrate an artist who's contributed to quote the beauty of life and to social change past winners include Robert Redford and Spike Lee.

Directed the movie Selma about Martin Luther King jr. And the documentary 13th. And she's at the Kate it on behalf of women and people of color in Hollywood Lillian Gish started an infinitely racist early Hollywood movie Birth of a Nation from 1915 in her statement accepting the cash prize different a focused on the beauty of Life embracing and welcome to get she said that every time that it really be NPR news has followed through on his threat to effectively banned the use of tick tock in the US for national security reasons. He signed an executive order last night that effectively pressure is Tik tok's parent company to sell its us assets to an American company Tik Tok helps fund NPR content that appears on the platform. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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