NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-08-2020 5AM ET

NPR News: 08-08-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news on trial Snyder President Trump is repeating a threat to use executive orders to deliver new coronavirus. Aid Congress can't reach an agreement his remarks follow a collapse and talks on a new stimulus package NPR reports a Democrat say executive orders would not be a full fix President Trump says, he would extend enhanced unemployment benefits and the fur the payroll tax to the end of the year the relief they need Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer says executive orders would not cover everything dealing with rental assistance. It doesn't cover elections. It doesn't cover so many things has thrown out of work genuine NPR news.

What's official is where to go get more energy for an interference in the run-up to the November election in an unusual public statement by China Russia and Iran NPR's miles Parks. The main new information is about motive. China has increased its rhetoric around the US response the coronavirus and the US position on Hong Kong and Evan Enos is because the country hopes Trump lose his reelection in November because it used them is unpredictable. He said the country he being evanina. So the country's Wing more aggressive action. We haven't really seen that yet really funny other hand evanina said Russia is working against Joe Biden Hudak country uses anti-russian establishment Democrats. The intelligence Community should be more forthcoming about how much of a threat for an interview or interference poses to u.s. Politics. They're calling for more transparency to allow voters to evaluate the threat for themselves.

Joe Arpaio the man who wants to clear it himself America's toughest Sheriff has lost a bid to reclaim his old job as Sheriff of the largest county in Arizona from every station. Kjzz Ben Giles reports Arpaio held the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for 24 years before his defeat in 2016 since then the controversial Law & Order Republican was found guilty of criminal contempt by a federal judge was pardoned by President Trump and lost a primary campaign for a US senate seat in 2018 that didn't stop you from running again this year as a tough-on-crime lawmen and close Ally of trump instead of Arpaio Republican primary voters narrowly favored his former Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan Hill Face Paul Penzone the Democrat who beat Arpaio four years ago for NPR news on Ben Giles in Phoenix news.

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. Is taking an indefinite leave of absence Liberty's Board of Trustees announcer move in a statement after a suggestive photo went viral Falwell is a leading Evangelical a liar President Trump Canada's last remaining ice shelf has collapsed and carpet check reports. It signed to say it's another sign of a warming climate the Middle Light shelf on Ellesmere island has lost 43% of its mass and it's now been reduced to an area of just over 60 square miles scientist say it can never recover because the Arctic is become unstable earlier than predicted and is warming faster than any other part of Canada. Are you and Report last year's at the Arctic is locked in for a temperature increase twice to three times. The global average a federal judge is blocked and Idaho law bar and transgender people from changing the sex on their birth certificates Boise State public radio. Zet. James Dawson reports. A judge says the law violates a court order blocking such bad.

Federal district court judge candy Dale City Idaho law provides no meaningful way for transgender people to match their birth certificates with their gender identity. And that's as the judge to fight in order. She issued two years ago declaring a similar State policy unconstitutional. Do you order blocked all sweeping bands on birth certificate changes, the law went into effect last month, but was challenged immediately after it was passed in March the Idaho attorney general's office declined to comment or say whether it would appeal the decision for NPR news. I'm James Dawson in Boise, Idaho, and I'm trial Snyder. This is NPR news.
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