NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-08-2020 11AM ET

NPR News: 08-08-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein in Beirut, Lebanon demonstrators are clashing with police as they March from the devastated Harbor to the center of the city accusing the government of widespread corruption and mismanagement after Tuesday's massive explosions at a warehouse storing thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate police and fire teargas to stop the protesters from reaching the Parliament building among those demonstrating is joumana Haddad 11. He's author and civil rights activists are to hopefully clean from this corrupt political class in the streets and our houses from all the degrees on broken glass and wreckage that they have called writer journalist and activist tamanaha.

Speaking to the BBC there still no agreement on a pandemic relief package and Congress has an Essence given up and gone home NPR's Ron elving reports leadership may continue talks with the white house. But right now there's no public schedule for them. The situation has changed dramatically since Congress paid bills in March and April a leader Mitch McConnell has said many of his Republican colleagues opposed in acting for the relief, especially if it exceeds a trillion dollars, the Democrats have already passed a new measure in the range of $3 and it has been awaiting action in the Senate since May President Trump now says he will provide relief directly through executive orders on everything from unemployment benefits to evictions to student debt, but he gave no details or time table and the legal effect of such orders remains uncertain Ron elving NPR News, Washington.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the u.s. Nearest 5 million billions of dollars are being spent to speed up vaccine studies and is NPR Sydney Lufkin reports consumers are footing a lot of the bill before they even get a hold of a drug.

The CEO of moderna, which is one of the leading companies in the vaccine race said that it's coronavirus vaccine was priced at between 32 and $37 per dose in some agreements with countries outside the US but that really ruffled some feathers among consumer Advocates. Usually the government will find it basic research and the drugmaker will foot the big Bill on late phase clinical trials and getting the drug over the fda's Finish Line the US government taxpayers are spending a whole lot more on Research development and Manufacturing and consumer Advocates want to make sure the country gets a fair price considering that large upfront investment. This is NPR news.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Is taking an indefinite leave of absence from Liberty University. He's been asked to step down from the evangelico Christian College after posting a photo of himself with his trousers unzipped 26 Billboards are being mounted across Louisville Kentucky calling for justice after the killing of Brianna Taylor. They were commissioned by Oprah Winfrey's magazine and PR Stave Mystic has more across the city of Louisville, Kentucky this week. They demand the police involved in Taylor killing be arrested and charged. The sun is also referred to in till Freedom a social justice organization that is pushed for police accountability and Taylor's death. The 26 year old black woman was killed by Louisville Metro Police March 13th, when officers executing a no-knock warrant storm her apartment where she and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were sleeping Walker a licensed gun owner fired at police.

They were Intruders one officer was struck in the leg and police returned fire hitting Taylor 8 x death of black Americans at the hands of police have sparked protests against racial Injustice that have persisted across the country for months Dave message. NPR news has GOP Primary for Maricopa County Sheriff show. Joe Arpaio has lost his bid to retake the post by a narrow. Margin. The anti-illegal-immigration hardliner had been Sheriff there for more than 24 years before being voted out on Barbara Klein NPR news.
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