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National Fitness Day, observed on August the 8th, is all about fitness and health. How has people's attitude toward fitness and exercise changed in the last decade? What's the impact of coronavirus on our perception on health? / China's booming e-sports industry faces shortage of talent / Do you believe in "unethical amnesia"?

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to Round Table coming to you live from Beijing. I'm joined by Nila and we're introducing someone new to Round Table. Hey glad to be here. My pleasure. What are you do when you're not around table? Well, I was I am I am a team member was Day Today Show, which broadcast Monday to send Sunday on daily basis. Basically, we are hardened you focused. Sometimes you can hear my voice and maybe talking about political issues economic issues business was my colleagues. And yeah, that's that's basically what I do and of course I ride some columns as well. I'd core light end.

Indeed indeed. I'm sure we will end cuz I know you from off the show on in the office and I have a good feeling that we'll have some fun discussion today. Yeah, so welcome to the show dang Hoang and it's always nice to have Nila and the lineup and great to have you are dear listeners with us. We have some fascinating topics for discussion today and everyday today's program National Fitness day observed on August 8th is all about fitness and health how has people's attitude towards fitness and exercise changed in the last decade. What's the impact of coronavirus on her health condition and Is 2020 going to be a good year for East Force pretty much staying on the sports theme who held the coronavirus has not stopped people to play video games actually wore traffic.

Directed to video game playing so we will take a look at the status quo in the future of Esports in this country. You can find us an apple podcast at Roundtable China subscribe rate and review us it will help with her folks to find the show, but first on today's Round Table

August 8th this year marks the 12th national fitness day under the influence of the covid-19 pandemic most Global sports events have been put on hold or cancelled in recent months though. There's been good news for sports fans as sports events such as the CBA and NBA tournament sanded Europa League has been resumed. Although behind closed doors without live audience for this National Sports National Fitness day. We take a look on Fitness the physical aspect of it as well as emotional and health awareness in China. So I'll come first with the original purpose of setting up the National Fitness day. So according to the media reports. I saw I think this particular date was set up on January 2009, of course by the central government.

China I think basically the idea based on my own observations on my own understanding is that after the Beijing Olympic Games back in 2008? A lot of people here in China are raising this question because in 2008 China chop the gold medalist for the first time. I think that was the only time when China somehow Beach the United States in terms of the gold medal. That's the only time trying to did so I think after Dad too many people here in China are questioning. Okay, in terms of professional sports China is doing such a great job with the government is investing so much money and resources into training professional athletes professional sports are but what about a Motorsports? Let's say what about sports on a part of the general public is the government paying equal a enough attention. Let's say to does industry, so

I think that's the idea of setting up this particular date to encourage a greater participation in sports and daily exercises on the parts of the civilians on a part of the general public because at the end of the day when we talked about the national competitiveness of a particular country or a particular economy is not about a competition only professional sports level. It's also about the overall National Health of this particular country. So I think that's the idea and also I remember at in 2008 with with the Olympics there was a lot of new infrastructure built and after the competition, it's almost like well, what do you do with all that infrastructure? Wouldn't it be good if that can be used more sufficient an efficient way and also benefit the general public and there's really a many aspects of

Of the situation and also now is 12 years later. What does a national fitness day mean to you Nila? Okay. It's a tease a nice concept I believe but I think it should be actually we should have laid every day should be a national fitness day for everybody who wants to live a healthy fulfilling life, but I do understand why we need such days to remind people why it's important for us to engage in physical fitness and not just even fit physical fitness because that also comes with a mental preparedness. Well, so if you're prepared a physically fit and if you're physically fit and you're also you also be able to be mentally says and I do mean I have been here for four the lost. I think 11 years and definitely the concept of

Wellness and mindfulness of sin in China has become something that has become really really important to a lot of Chinese people and that it's usually quite fascinating for me when I go to public parks in particular and you see the older generation particularly in China and its really really encouraging to say from The Young to the old just walking out particularly in the evenings and it's really fascinating because that's that's a scene that I never see back home when I go back home and hearing can I eat you see people running at 10 p.m. At at at 11 p.m. I'm walking on the street and you see this somebody who seems to be in the 80s and 90s just like, you know jogging away and I'm a people engaging in this and this is a national fitness day is is a day that will encourage even more people to get into Fitness Old even be aware of even be it'll have a little bit of curiosity.

About to get on health. Why not? That's a really good point and also this year is a bit special and there has been multiple moments in the Euro 2020. I've been wondering in 10 years or a hundred years time. I wonder what historians would be riding in the history books about this particular year because with the coronavirus it's just derailed so many plans made us have to restructure and come up with new plans about how to deal with the current situation and the future and we know the coronavirus has had a major disruption on global Sports altogether. How does it look like here in China though now with things sort of coming back onto the right track and some sports tournaments reopen and

When you're watching the Sports channel on TV, I have to say it's a really nice feeling when you realize all this is actually happening this month. This isn't real time. And there's not that little find Sprint logo that says oh this was this is a replay from 2018 or something like that. So what's your observation in that sense of what we're going through right now in the sports scene with coronavirus in the background, I think here in China. My observation is really you like you said hell, yeah many commercials for his activities like soccer or CBA Basketball Association, they are reopening but I think steel the number of Watchers Homesite Watchers Spectators. Let's say our limited and probably the number of games that is available that is being going on is also Limited

And I think generally professional athletes are having a pretty difficult time because for example for for many athletes who has been preparing for this 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games, they are training plan have been disrupted a few days ago. I watch the a exclusive interview between CCTV and children year does how to say Sprinter start hearing China he was he he basically admits he was having a very difficult time training because there is no competition. There is no real competition. So he just have no idea what kind of state he was. So I think they're having a difficult time but I think in terms of what are sports China is doing okay at the moment, I think hearing beige you many a motor gymnasiums have been reopened and people including

My wife some of my friends they are going back to the gym to exercise and you can always see people jogging and running on Parks. So I think basically depend on Mike has not prevented average people from exercising somehow that's a a a factor to stimulate its drive people to motivate people to access eyes even more because they know house is the number one issue at a time when we are facing such a major disruption to our society economy. Definitely very active when it come up to the South but I do remember to remember during the the the pandemic when it when we were at the heart of the thunder make here in the city and my gym was closed and I just remember I couldn't stop whining about it over for me to go back to the gym membership.

Spy as yesterday. So yesterday was on WeChat talking back and forth of that with the gym people of his sleigh and a soda today at around 5. I have a meeting to go instead of you know, how it goes and prizes and how to arrange human my membership and I do agree with you dating her because I think coronavirus has actually change the mood of the people at the moment and I can possibly I have recognized even in my gym and also because I let go to the regular gym and also have as a separate Studio walk-up City that I go to without with a physical trainer when I used to go to that studio. I used to be not so many people were motivated to go a little people be canceling classes. And now we are old fighting every Friday afternoon. I set up an alarm on my phone to remind me 5 minutes before 3. I need to be keeping watch on my phone because at the time table of the class

This will be published and it's a matter of in a first-come-first-serve basis for the note trainer. What's a heifer and I see now it's become it'll even have now they are people putting in there like to reflect on the way. I'm on the waiting list number one in case something happens to somebody else then you'll quickly you get the chance to get water and I've noticed that even in the main gym now, it's really hard to do find a machine to walk out because a lot more people have at like I think coronavirus at that has no. No two people to reach think about how to pay more attention to their own health and its push people a lot more into going into jeans and stuff. And I've also noticed a lot of apps coming out of this and more people wanting to work out.

Home in open areas spaces Etc apps are mushrooming sort of to the answer this particular kind of Demands during the coronavirus lockdown in early. Well in February what parts of later January February and now we look backwards to completely different kind of mindset and then I'm far more positive mindset. I can feel it in my blood. Now. Let's early back then when people were kind of Trapped in our own apartments and Wilshire and try to most people stay in apartments at least in cities I suppose and we don't really have, you know, not like people in the UK have their garden and that kind of thing and then drew a coronavirus lockdown. It's just so you feel cooped up and then there is a limited kind of exercise you can do.

Although I've seen you know, how people trying to follow up all kinds of workout routines on various apps or video streaming platforms. I'll try to figure it out at home. But once you know, the restrictions are lifted and then it's almost like now we cherish the ability to go out in the open and and do some of these fun exercises or at least sometimes it's not that fun. But once you couldn't do it and you're back at it, it's almost like it's more fun kind of strange psychology going on like that and also do what you feel that with this gym stuff. It's although I think Chinese urbanized are quite used to it now, but when you guys mentioned the elderly folks in China when they're like jogging or sometimes going to be

Watching maybe or you know is the square and that so-called square dancing thing in China and he's dancing on the invitation to older guys. If it's only the Auntie was I was actually the date invite invited what and send to did they sit this one group a red t-shirt and white pants just so far away from the office and I remember from the singers. I will go and be there member and they were like really happy Lika love fast for and see what happens after the coronavirus. What's early you see for the older folks doing all that. We just mentioned and also the most outrageous funny thing I've seen is the older folks.

Especially in the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing Canton. Sometimes you see these are middle age or older folks like they sort of knock themselves out against a tree bark or yes. Wanted to see if I like that this would happen. If you a couple of years back, I woke up in the morning. I'm like, what is that sound outside my window along the street and then this this this this old lady very early in the morning at 4 a.m. Just hitting the tree light constantly, like slapping the treatment skin mites like sort of wake up your acupuncture points or get out of these supposed to be good for health in the minds of these people of the older generation or whatnot. And also they would make good use of the fitness facilities in communities like, you know, usually,

View apartment buildings would share one of these is a little community area with the clothes to gym equipment type of facility, but certainly last hardcore. My question here is what your observation of the changes of people's perception towards what constitutes as Fitness or you know exercise because it's very different generation to generation when the younger generation probably things that are driving to a gym and going for sweaty workout is great. And that's what you do worse as the older generation possibly things that works and also walking backwards and slapping and doesn't cost a penny but it's great work out. So what's the attitude change in all aspects for you? Ding dong?

I agree with your observation. Hell, yeah, I think I'm on the younger generation. I don't necessarily belong to the younger generation. But I think you just okay is a relative term how they would attach greater importance to really having more swag having more strength are going to gymnasium and like something like that make it anyway. And yeah, they want you I think the ultimate goal is to shut off and somehow and discharge their their their daily pressure to release their daily pressure and it somehow by doing that I think in my case as well after I feel really really tired really really exhausted from

Say writing some articles from doing some radio shows. I would have go swimming. I mean before the pandemic now, the swimming pool is close to due to the pain. Make but I would have go swimming and after swimming you whole body feels so fresh and so good and you can basically easily fall asleep, but I think 4:40 on the older generation. They want what they want is really more soothing more comfortable style of exercise like climbing the mountain like in my hometown. I came from a small County in Georgia. Now, it's a mountainous area and too many of my parents generation day with a rise up early in the morning and go to the mountain and probably probably thinks I'm swans and filled themselves happy and comfortable. So kind of like hiking

Oh, I've always wondered if I see all these people coming back from the mountain while I'm going out with friends and they just like blasting out other voices. Are you still a popular item on the D the older generation but for younger generation, it's it's a different style. And I think another pretty funny or pretty interesting observation I have about a younger generation is dead. They on one hand. They spent a lot of money financially on equipment on gymnasium like this membership fee that you had talked about earlier, but sometimes probably because they're just too busy. They they they spent a lot of money but like I spent a lot of money buying this membership fee for a year in a particular gymnasium, but

You're probably I am too busy. I only go to gym only once a week. So probably the financial resources. They're investing into their health does not match the real physical input into their daily exercise patient walks out all the reasons why they get into fitness is completely different from the younger generation. Number one that you said it's more about, you know, I go to the gym because I need to look great in that favorite dress my I need to feel confident about how I look of coaster the another the the better part of it is mentally feel fresh a mentally feel fit when I exercise and I think from a lot of young people the reason why we paid for Jim's is because it's the one thing it's one reason to

Do it yourself because normally when you have free things with free things that just available, you know motivated to utilize them. But because you have paid you have used your sweat and blood to pay for the membership. It encourages you to push yourself to go and work out a deal to the sometimes I go there and I am just not not absolutely not motivated whatsoever. But just because of that I need to go to the space to feel like of utilizing the amount of money. I paid that sometimes you are the results of great. Sometimes it's just I just go for the sake of it and it's 30 minutes late. So I'm like I was at the gym, so obviously for the older generation it's more about they want to stay physically independent particular Saturday's reasons. They walk out a completely different from what the younger generation goes for when they go to to this walk.

Sometimes it's just a thought but January everybody wants to go to the gym because it's New Year's resolution. And then after that. That is forgotten generation. Sometimes going to the gym after you know, wearing your supercool Jim a Prayer of Healing shows the figure and then people to take selfies forever. I'll make love to you like you told that story before I deserve that kind of thing does happen and also we saw that so there's this survey conducted by dating app and it looked at people's Fitness preferences and quite interesting ly it stated that now actually more more people are into fitness and partial.

Because of the pandemic and actually going to the gym three times a week or more is quite common and and also for folks and some regions it's about getting toned in other places that waiting weight loss and that's two completely different concepts and rides of people to Fitness. Well, I guess for Round Table, we just want to try to stay healthy and because while you're out physically and emotionally, I'm both aspects and will be back after this break with more round table discussion.

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You're listening to round table with myself young joined by Mila and dingdong coming up is 2020 going to be a good year for Esports. Well, first of all, we need to agree on the term what constitutes as a sports and do her and I can't really agree apparently.

Will get into it and any luck any luck. I'm trying to read between the lines. Does it even count at 4th and probably what a very active and athletic knew, I would ask. I don't know what's real get to find out and also apparently stats show that there is a 3.5 million jobs that need to be in the sports industry. So we'll look at the current situation and future of Esports in China and for the wing expenses cheating the tax men and even extramarital Affairs are all less likely to be remembered that virtuous because of possibly a phenomenon called on ethical Amnesia will get into the science behind it. If you are listening to a show and demand you can find us at Roundtable China on Apple podcast and are two phones help.

And can I please remind you if you have a question we are here to answer it for you to participate please send a voice question or a voice memo to ease Ed FM room table like Fox will give you that reply on the live show and now in round table as we continue our discussion for China's Esports industry 2019 was a boom year with all the Genesis of a new auto battler Esports genre which began as a Dota 2 mod a called AutoCheck millions of dollars in sports sponsorship and meteorites deals and substantial support a funding for multiple Chinese City governments have happened 20/20 is in an important year for Chinese Esports organizations investors Brands and all those involved in the industry and the coronavirus pandemic.

Surly impacted the Esports industry for the first half of the year but looking ahead what are some of the challenges and opportunities for the second half of 2020 is what I want to get into. Well. First of all, please refresh our memories on apparently the labor shortage that we're seeing in China's booming Esports industry is a let's say our challenge are using those particular industry. I think the general is it is a new industry. It is an emerging industry. So I think labor shortage is a a general AAA Universal challenge for any particular emerging industry. That's something that needs to be dealt was definitely I think either the government or the commercial Market forces should be investing more resources into training relative.

Spurs and talents in even managers in this in this particular industry, but I think generally does industry is very boomi. I think the mole Mansion is great because according to iresearch that's a Chinese consultancy. China's Esports industry is the world's largest to buy in terms of the number of Gamers. And also according to a research by Tech Giant A10 son in 20 in 20/20 on the China. Well surpass North America primero in the United States, I guess to become the world's top Esports market in terms of the commercial value in terms of the market value Esports Revenue in China grew by more than 20% year-on-year to to hit nearly 120 billion yuan. Somewhere somewhere around 17 billion US dollars in 2019. And also there is no striving equals.

There is a growing number of Gamers growing number of fans and government support a growing number of infrastructure. Let's say values. So I think that's the basic picture. We're facing right now here in China. Do you think that playing video games or mobile games or you know, first of all, these people apparently are called Gamers and that's such a casual turn any how does that qualify as a sports?

It does qualify as but I do remember when he started having this conversation about gay make a swing like I like every time I think about gaming I just talked about in a slow and lazy and lazy guy on the couch in the dark room is the high for way, you know, but as time goes by as I as I read in between the lines NYC reports about gaming as an interested in coming the more I realize this is probably the industry that I should also consider going into some point. But yeah and up and saw as time has gone by I've come to realize yes gaming depending on who you made on who you talk to. I think that people were taking it serious

And if people who just use it as a Pastime, so it could be it is a sport I guess because it will it will get you into physical fitness in that sell exercise your mind in that sense. If you don't get the tunnel couples syndrome is also what are you thinking hun? I actually have some grain of salt want to talk about whether Esports to be categorized as sports, but I think yeah if somehow I say playing chess can be regarded as a as a category of sports. Why Ynot Esports as well. Why not gaming I think because usually the the function the purpose of having Sports is to enhance your health

So I think when we talked about how else it's not only at the physical level but also at the intellectual level playing game probably is a plus is a stimulus to the cultivating of your brain capability at least the deaths of many of the argued that that's one major Arguments for those pro-gaming voices, right? It's willing hands you into actually enhance your brain capability. So that's personal that I wouldn't regarded gaming as a sports because I tend to agree with the traditional view in Dad's Sports should be about Swag should be about physical strength should be about add insult to injury for Esports lovers or Gamers on lockers industry insiders, whatever you call them if Esports qualify as a type of sport.

Module should also qualify considering it's really interesting though because with the volume of people that's involved. That's actually you're casually playing games or going into the professional Arena of playing video games. It has it is no longer a new phenomenon. It is something here to stay. It is something that we are kind of used to as well. And also I remember a few years ago. I was so shocked now I'm kind of used to it but still, you know what the coronavirus a change of things but I've seen videos and photos of fully packed Arenas with the tens of thousands of people watching guys.

Maybe sometimes women as well. I'm not sure playing video games and that's the scene that I used to think. I only exist for like boxing games or you know, some big traditional sports event like that and now it exists for gaming as well. And also these events are live streams on the internet and sometimes even shown on TV for in some countries when we talk about e-sports now, it's not just that more people are engaged in it and have this conversation that all should this be included in the Olympics, by the way, it was included in the Asian Games in 2018 in China got two gold medals in the Esports thing. So it's not just that but now we're talkin about professional League tournaments and a lot of money being poured into this as well as the tech Giant's getting behind.

The game so we also stopped Alibaba for example is invested in its own top-tier Esports tournament in China is called World Electronics sports games and needs to come up with a fancier title than that. Come On Eileen Baba tencent is involved as well. These are major to Giants in this country and in tencent has gaming is such a huge Revenue hole for it. So well, yeah, what about the business aspect of all of Esports when you do see capital is pouring into this industry, I think again elevation. Hell, yeah, I think in the case of tencent I when I was a business editor in Beijing hour of a couple of years ago one of the most free prints

Headlines ice all day today is that either Alibaba or $0.10 or Nazis? These Chinese Tech Giants. They are acquiring a lot of international gaming brand cider in Swedish war in America. So I feel like this is indeed a booming industry was a lot of business opportunities and the fact that matter is this is really coming hand-in-hand was the gross of China's middle class because for middle-class we're usually Highly Educated stay have a very Diversified and needs in their daily life. And of course playing games and watching some professional Esports game is one choice for it. Urban middle-class. I think that's not really surprising. I think yes, so that's my observation.

I think an ulcer in itself is just going to keep on growing and growing and growing for the fact that now we are think that they making it at the office late some in higher education institutions that are already in a offering majors in this particular field and the more people than younger people going to recognize to recognize that this is a lucrative industry that I can get into the more. We going to see more people getting into employment in this particular sector. I think right now we talking about how they just block of personnel at Woodloch of what Workforce in the industry. That's because I think that the house because we haven't had a lot of people, you know, who really understand what exactly they can do in this particular field. Definitely and well I've seen different projections. What does the 3.5 million jobs that need to be filled?

Currently and. If not 10 million jobs need to be sold in the next 5 years or so, but I suspect a lot of speculation comes from data from the last few years. And yes, if you look at 2019 this industry is gaining momentum, but what about all this happened in 2020? Do you feel that this is going to be still and sort of up go kind of trajectory or different agree was this idea that 2020 will be a big opportunity for Esports industry because basically if we take a look at all categories of businesses nowadays, basically money of those traditional businesses have like Manufacturing.

Turn off the service Industries like restaurants gymnasiums. We talked about early they are basically a struggling due to the covid-19 pandemic due to limited consumption. But how many of these 10 giants like Google Facebook Twitter and hearing China Alibaba tencent. They are actually getting even stronger admitted coronavirus lockdown and Esports is because when we talk about a a broader category of sports and if we consider Esports as a small account agree that's Esports is probably the only category that is continuing to make money to make profit Semitic run coronavirus lockdown because out of sports like we talked about earlier they have been canceled. They have been postponed and before East boards, you don't necessarily have to meet face-to-face and once they play with each other, right he called strong internet and so

Best is that here in China some Regional governments, for example, the municipal governments have Shanghai they were actually subsidizing this particular industry in order to develop this industry for the right. I actually was a question. The necessity of doing so because come on Esports is doing great since they are doing well. I think when we talked about the development of this industry, it should be in Thailand left to the market forces that governments. I think they need to provide the right kind of Regulation and business environment business environment infrastructure in value, but directly subsidized in this particular industry. I don't think it's necessary because you need to put your money into more struggling businesses more say National important strategically important to businesses like the semiconductor industry.

Then I think if you bring up the example of Shanghai then hung there could possibly be a deeper consideration. That is also serve looking at the long game. That is look at what's been the major growth engines in Chinese economy in the last decade or so Tech is the word and Shanghai as traditionally crossword City. Also Financial Hub. It's pretty much been left out. It hasn't really managed to set up absorb the tech business to his promise and instead we saw on Joe group and attic spent exponential growth and also shouldn't judge and in these other places have become hubs that can attract businesses as well as

Silence of the tech industry to go there and for Shanghai, it's almost like well what is going to be the future Crown Jewel for you and could Esports BX? It seems to definitely been trying to put itself on the map associated with one of these newer and hip Industries and die Esports could possibly be it agree. I think of when we talk about Shanghai it definitely has the right kind of resources either in terms of financial resources or in terms of Human Resources, like in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. They're the one of the best science and technology oriented and universities in here in China. And also Georgetown University Witch Encounter is also free to close to Shanghai. So it has the right kind of resources to develop.

Pac industry but unfortunately somehow it's Beijing and Beijing stream Western District in Shenzhen and Hong Joel that has somehow take the LeapFrog here. So I think um, yeah from a bigger business perspective of Shanghai need to catch up on high has the resources so tech industry because tech industry is really really important in the future. I think for example, 20 20 years ago the most valuable companies in the world are companies like GE General General Motors General Electric this kind of company, but now the most valuable companies are all like apple Google Facebook so that that that tells us like what what kind of important role of the tech industry will be playing in the future. So anyway, I think in terms of in terms of how high can remain competitive not only for the past but also for the future generation,

It's definitely East boards tech industry or something. It should be looking at you and it seems like the municipality is quite serious and determined about the Ascend. I remember reading another newspaper headline saying that for the companies that have registered and with the official purpose of Esports 80% of them have been registered only in the last 5 years or so, and it spends on how you look at. It could be seen as a positive or negative thing actually cuz I think for some people sort of interested in the long game where so they sort of feel that I see you nodding doing home. What what what do you think about it. Very emerging industry. So there is a lot of irregularities. Let's say there is a

Business misconduct, let's say so probably the government's need to keep up was the development of the government need to pay close attention to the to the development Ranch and universities. I think one phenomenon was universities is that although many of the universities have set up a sports related Majors, but the I think the problem is Dad. There is a severe lack of teaching staff teaching faculties to be able to teach students in these major. So that's a challenge but I think over time these challenges can be all tackled was and will be continuously on the watch for the development of this nessan's growing and thriving industry coming up people are prone to repeat dishonest act because the human subconscious deliberately surpresas member

Is of unethical behavior and there's science behind it will get into it right after the break.

Looking for passing how about fiery debate want to hear about current events in China from different perspectives then tune in to round to where he is needs West and understanding is the goal.

It's the hour of round table with myself and let and Nila in the studio lime. He's not here with us today. He's on business assignment in case you're wondering if there is an old saying one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result turns out that's not insane. It's kind of normal meaning of us make the same mistake twice or many times and for some people it is an unethical act. So there's a psychology term for it called unethical Amnesia. And that might explain why we behave a lot more badly than we remember theme song. What's the definition of unethical Amnesia? Do you think it's just a fancy term to get people off the hook? I think there is some

Thanks to dads to this particular term, but it is actually supported by a real serious academic studies because people are prone to repeat their dishonest Behavior because the human subconsciousness is sometimes what it deliberately somehow suppresses the memories of our unethical behaviors in the past. That's According to some researchers some psychological Professor is from Harvard and a Northwestern University's so because of unethical Amnesia people are more like late you have to dishonestly repeater away. And sometimes we tend to believe that our past, you know, our past the wrongdoings our past bad behaviors can serve as a reminder can serve as a kind of warning to us to prevent us from making the same mistake, but turns out

According to Professor is from these American universities Harvard in North Washington. That's not exactly the case. As a matter of fact a particular set of our brain was surprises the memory of our past on doing and some as time goes by we actually have well-developed a Mercure memory of about our past mistakes. So that's the basic idea. It's pretty surprising to me. It's very contrary to our common assumption to our common sense.

She just has a name.

I just thought people behave the way they behave because that's the way they behave it's more about the things we need to do. The dishonesty that we tend to engage in is because the first one engaging that's when you feel the impact of it might feel a lot more guilty. And then once you surpass that and then you engaging the same activity the second time zone Houston record realising or realizing it's getting easier and easier and that and that's how we. It becomes about having a lot

It is also shows just how unreliable our memories are because it also seems to insinuate that because we give ourselves away out in our minds and then so we kind of in a way almost forgive ourselves for the back at and then you forget about it more or less and then you do it again in the future. I think we just as humans we tend to focus more on the rewards that we get from this repeated actions with the train to even though we deeply know this is you know, this is not something good for us to engage and so we tend to just focus on the rewards and I will deal with the consequences later until we do it again. Why is this a problem does it matter? I think it's indeed matters because it's just accelerates or somehow strengthens our bad habits and motivates.

Cortical motivates us to to do the same mistake once again, so I think it is indeed a problem. It is also casting a big negative Shadow chew people-to-people relations. For example, if I did something harmful to you for your aunt, and I think what's really matter is is that I need you to forgive me for my bad behavior, right? It's when I say I forgive myself for my behavior that does not really make sense at the end of the day by the people will always be remembered for their bad behavior hechler will always be remembered as evil as a demon. He will not he will never be remembered as President Roosevelt or prime minister Winston Churchill Hitler will always be remembered as as as the essay big as the threats to Human Society in a twentieth-century so normalized it honest and

Oldies But habits as pots of bit of humanity, you know, and that's why people can always say like, you know what that's what makes me human. Like we all make mistakes. That's why we come up with all these sayings to sort of try and make ourselves feel better. And the most exciting no more lies. Is it the more people are bound to continue engaging in is consciously or unconsciously oppress society normalizes that I think in society all depends on how you see doesn't also I'm very curious to hear what you think about this. I mean is society becoming more accepting of some immoral Behavior know, I don't think that's the case will not necessarily forgive you for your pastor on doing I think what is really important for it from an individual perspective is that you need to have this kind of self.

Action on daily basis it somehow reminds me of a famous quotes by Confucius you need to reflect on your own behavior. Three times a day per day when I read about how does yeah, so I think that's very important and that's it for today is Round Table. We will see you next time.

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