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NPR News: 08-09-2020 12PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barb's work fine as coronavirus cases in the US surpass 5 million. According to Johns Hopkins University President Trump's executive action extending weekly pandemic jobless benefits is being scrutinized announced it yesterday after his administration and Congress failed to make a deal NPR's Tamara. Keith reports. Trump's move is substantially different from legislative action. The president doesn't have the power to just extend this $600 a week and hands benefit that expired at the end of last month. Also. He think $600 is too much. So with this memorandum, he's trying to shoehorn the payments in is disaster relief. He is directing FEMA to use funds set aside for another disaster relief that would cover about $300 a week states have to request the assistance contributed to it and then Minister the program at least six Lebanese lawmakers have resigned since Tuesday's massive endeavor.

Stating Warehouse explosions today so did a Cabinet member not a home safe reports from Beirut information Minister resign in response to the will for change. She said the resignations are a result of public outrage at a massive explosion that destroyed a huge last week in the protesters clash with security forces hurling debris from the blast at them and briefly occupied several Ministries demonstrators blame politicians for the widespread negligent and Corruption, which contributed to Tuesday's explosion pressure against the political class heightens is French president. Emmanuel macron is raising money for rebuilding a devastated Beirut, Macon emphasized that the aid would not fall into corrupt hands for NPR news. I'm not the Homestay in Beirut.

The u.s. Agency for International Development says it's providing more than 15 million dollars in response to the Beirut explosions. These funds will be sent to Medical authorities at the American University of Beirut and the American Lebanese University. Not lebanon's government a strong earthquake has rattled much of North Carolina and Tiaras Dave Mystics reports States Geological Survey says the magnitude 5.1 earthquake was detected at 8:07 local time. Just southeast of Sparta North Carolina near the border of Virginia. It was the second of two earthquake centered in that region in just over six hours. The first was a magnitude 2.6 equate the rattled Sparta and was felt just before 2 a.m. According to a map from the USGS. The larger of the two Quakes was reportedly Felton Atlanta more than 260 miles to the Southwest North Carolina's Department of Environmental Quality says the state has its share of earthquakes, but

Damaging seismic events are infrequent Dave Mystic NPR news.

The operator of a Japanese bulk carrier is apologizing as the ship continues to spill fuel into pristine Waters off Mauritius in the Indian Ocean the ship struck a reef 2 weeks ago and began leaking Thursday creating what officials they are calling an ecological disaster. Japan says it's dispatching a disaster relief team the ship with caring about 4,000 tons of oil in Nagasaki Japan today survivors of the US Atomic bombing 75 years ago still in a moment of silence to honor the more than 70,000 killed the BBC's Warrenville reports about three days after a similar attack on Hiroshima within a week. The Imperial government of Japan has surrendered the mayor of Nagasaki, He said towey.

Experienced the devastation caused by nuclear weapons Japan must sign and ratify the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons as soon as possible adding that it was longer with you to discuss in Sugar even though that's what the coronavirus which we didn't see it until it began spreading in our immediate surroundings. If Humanity isn't aware of the threat of nuclear weapons until the used again will find themselves in an irrevocable predicament. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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