NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-09-2020 1PM ET

NPR News: 08-09-2020 1PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein, the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the US now surpasses 5 million more than 162000 people have died is the numbers continue to climb. It's unclear today with a President Trump's executive actions that he says will ease the struggles of Americans will provide the relief. He's promising as NPR's Mara liasson reports politically the president gets to say that because Congress couldn't or wouldn't act he did to stop evictions and extend extra unemployment benefits, but there may be less than meets the eye in the president memos fiction relief for instance merely tells federal agencies to quote consider if eviction should be stopped and it's not clear how the extended unemployment benefits will be paid for without an act of Congress. The President also says he wants to defer the collection of payroll taxes the tax that funds Social Security, but that will depend on employers for legally responsible for collecting the tax.

Mara liasson NPR news in Afghanistan today a crucial move toward peace negotiations in the Taliban they could start as soon as next week NPR's. Diaa Hadid reports an Afghan National Assembly has approved the release of hundreds of Taliban Prisoners. The assembly the endorsement allows the government to proceed with tools to end the war in Afghanistan by finding a way to share political power of the Taliban. They want to impose strict Islamic law that would scaled-back women's rights the US 1 space tool boxes for the daily sign with the Taliban that will seem most foreign forces leave by next year. The White House hopes to scale back troops to less than 5000 by November NPR's. Diaa Hadid after a night of demonstrations in Beirut Lebanon information Minister resign today protesters are blaming chronic mismanagement and Corruption for Tuesday's devastating Warehouse explosion.

The capital several lawmakers of also resigned Health and Human Services. Secretary Alex Azar arrived in Taiwan today the highest level Us official to visit there since 1979 is NPR's Emily fishing reports. It comes amid Rising tensions between the US and China either the visit is to show support for Taiwan successful can't even if it's coronavirus epidemic can one is a fewer than five hundred confirmed cases of covid-19 despite its close proximity to China where the virus originated the u.s. Is also stepped up political support for Taiwan in recent months including a bid for the island to join the World Health Organization. I move Beijing opposes trying to threaten to unspecified countermeasures for the visit agencies Taiwan at the Chinese Province. Not an independent country and is allowed to retake the island by force if needed only thing NPR news Beijing

Hundreds of social justice protesters turned out across Portland, Oregon again last night most were peaceful but police declared a riot when a small group set of fire inside the Portland Police Union building the city had hoped for calm after federal agents with Drew more than a week ago voters in Puerto Rico or casting ballots in a series of primaries today, including one that gives them the chance to decide if they want to see the sitting governor's name on the ballot this November Olivia run gold reports from San Juan get into Puerto Rico's top office. She ended up there after the island Supreme Court said she was the Constitutional are the previous governor resigned last August following political backlash over leaked chat now in a tight race voters are deciding if they want her to represent the pro statehood new Progressive Party or veteran politician Pedro pierluisi other parties like the

Popular Democratic party, the main opposition will also choose their candidates after a mishap getting ballots to polling places results or nail scheduled to come in two hours later than originally expected around 8 p.m. For NPR news. I'm Olivia reingold in San Juan Puerto. Rico is holding a presidential election today President Alexander. Lukashenko was ruled the country for 26 years, but he's facing a surprisingly strong Challenge from a former teacher though Lucas shanko is highly favored to win. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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