NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-09-2020 3PM ET

NPR News: 08-09-2020 3PM ET

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Live from NPR news on bar Brookline Johns Hopkins University now confirms more than 5 million coronavirus infections in the u.s. Is NPR station flock and reports. The new record comes amid a lingering debate over a path forward for the nation's health and economy. This Milestone hits just 17 days after the US past 4 million case at the time many states are record searches of new infections. The majority of states have since reported declines in cases. The pandemic is far from Over the US still by far leads to Global coronavirus cases covid-19 to deaths in the u.s. Account for roughly 22% of the global toll the latest Milestone also strikes as lawmakers and States attempt to chart a path back to normal including planning for enforce instruction for the school year and also comes a day after President Trump took executive actions on relief efforts that expired when Congress stalled out on the latest round.

Virus Aid Jason flocking NPR news to Lebanese cabinet ministers resign today protesters demands for a new government in the wake of last week's Warehouse explosions that demolished much of Beirut and killed at least 250 people at a teleconference of world leaders today. Nearly three hundred million dollars were reportedly pledge for lebanon's Recovery NPR's Dave missed its reports. The agency for International Development is coordinating the US contribution usaid bar. So says the agency is so far provided more than 15 million dollars in the humanitarian assistance to support response efforts to the disaster artist has no relief will go through the Lebanese government and medical supplies will be directed three universities supported by the United States protesters in Lebanon have widely blame government negligence and Corruption for the deadly explosion.

Beyond and we are steadfastly committed to aiding the people's Lebanon during this difficult time is the disaster could not have come at a more inopportune time with Lebanon facing an economic crisis the ongoing pandemic and the influx of more than a million Syrian refugees into the country. They've missed each NPR news today the highest level Us official to visit there since 1979 as NPR's Emily fishing reports. It comes amid Rising tensions between the US and China like to meet with taiwan's President sign one as well. As a number of Taiwanese coded First Responders a source of the visit to show support for someone successful containment of the coronavirus epidemic. I want is a few more than 500 confirmed cases of covid-19 despite its close proximity to China with a virus originated China has threatened unspecified countermeasures for the visit.

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Afghanistan's Grand assembly has approved a government proposal to free hundreds of Taliban Prisoners the move sets the stage for us back peace talks between Kabul and the militants to begin as early as next week protests against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intensified this weekend in Jerusalem and pears Daniel Estrin reports tens of thousands of demonstrators are demanding netanyahu's resignation Saturday night's protest and demonstrators according to police. It was the largest protest outside the prime minister's Residence Inn for straight weeks of protests protesters saying a Hebrew song with the lyrics have no fear. It was a collection of Grassroots groups protesting corruption self employed and unemployed workers struggling during the pandemic and young leftist and Centrist Israelis from across the country. They were face mask some dressed in costume. They demanded step down because of his handling of the pandemic.

Faces corruption charges Netanyahu is tried to paint the protest as leftist Anarchist and boosted by the media Daniel Estrin NPR news. Jerusalem japanese-owned shift is apologizing as the carrier continues to spill fuel into pristine Waters off Mauritius in the Indian Ocean the ship struck a reef 2 weeks ago and began leaking Thursday created what officials they are calling an ecological disaster. Japan says, it's dispatching a disaster relief team. The ship was carrying about 4,000 tons of oil Barbara Klein NPR news.
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