NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-10-2020 1AM ET

NPR News: 08-10-2020 1AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Nora raum. The number of confirm coronavirus infections in the u.s. Is now more than 5 million the White House and members of Congress have failed to agree another pandemic relief package and President Trump signs executive actions in the absence of a deal and they are is Mara liasson reports Republicans are now saying they would support another Corona relief package member wasn't long ago that Republicans thought maybe they wouldn't need another relief bill, but just like President Trump has been balling to reality canceling the Jacksonville Republican convention changing is 2 non masks acknowledging that in some hot spots schools may not be able to open in person Republicans on Capitol Hill are agreeing now there is a need for another relief bill. You said house Democrats have already passed their own version NPR's Mara liasson a shooting at a cookout in Washington DC Sunday left a teenager dead and more than 20 others injured and a Schuster from members.

In WAMU has more police say a dispute broke out and at least free Shooters open fire 17 year old Christopher Brown was killed and an off-duty police officer who was also shot is struggling for life. According to Police Chief Peter. Newsham hundreds have gathered for the cookout in Southeast DC far exceeding me 50-person Gathering limit during the pandemic the Gathering like to Peter's homicides in DC or up 17% compared to this time last year for NPR news. I'm Hannah Schuster and Washington of 5.1 magnitude earthquake. Shook, North Carolina Sunday morning. The National Weather Service says it was the most powerful Quake to hit the state in more than 100 years International donors have pledged nearly three hundred million dollars to help rebuild.

Route after a huge explosion last week NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports. The money was raised in a video conference hosted by French president Emmanuel macron, Matt Hall hosted the conference with other world leaders including President Trump from his vacation retreat on the French Riviera. There's been a global outpouring of sympathy and grief for Lebanon after a blast ripped through beirut's main port on Tuesday killing 158 people injuring more than 6,000 and destroying a swath of this city macaron was the first world leader to visit the destruction over the weekend protesters stormed government Ministries in Beirut and trash the offices of the association of Lebanese Banks, the so-called Switzerland of the Middle East was already in crisis over Decades of mismanagement and what the protesters believe is negligence by a corrupt political Elite and the Cove in crisis, Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris. This is NPR news.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar is in Taipei where he met with Tywin Taiwanese president site. And when this is the highest level visit to Taiwan buying American cabinet official since diplomatic relations between Washington and Taipei broke off in 1979 in favor of Beijing Azar offered Washington strong support for Democratic taiwan-china is promising unspecified retaliation for the visit Hong Kong media Mogul and fierce critic of China's ruling Communist Party Jimmy Li was arrested Monday on suspicion of colluding with foreign powers NPR assembly Fang reports next digital newspaper. Apple Daily list on sleep o democrata publication a clue states that Sly and his two sons who are not employed with next digital we're being investigated pleased that they made 7 arrests go to the National Security Law on Monday morning light has been arrested before and February for his participation in an unauthorized.

Protest and still facing charges of incitement for participating in an unauthorized vigil on June 4th for the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre kid written in previous month's predicting his owner rest under the National Security Law. Which Beijing imposed on Hong Kong in late June Emily Fang NPR news Beijing thousands of people took to the streets of Minsk in other cities in Belarus to protest Sunday's presidential election state approved exit polls show that President Alexander lukashenko is expected to win handily. The office airatarian leader has been in power since 1994. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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