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NPR News: 08-10-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman. There are more than 5 million people in the US who have been diagnosed with a coronavirus. That's more than any other nation and its inferiors Allison Aubrey reports deaths have been rising to Nationwide new cases of year to be plateauing or even declining in some places, but the case count is high compared to the 5 million USA versus Brazil has about 3 million India about 2 million with about a thousand deaths A Day in the US coronavirus is on track to be the third leading cause of death of this year behind cancer and heart disease model suggests the death toll could reach 300,000 by the end of the year in the u.s. It could be lower depending on how well people adhere to recommendations such as social distancing and masking Allison Aubrey NPR news talks over a new coronavirus relief bill are at a standstill between white house negotiators and Congressional Democrats over the weekend President Trump signed some

Executive actions that are intended to address pandemic issues in one he's ordered his administration to find money to help people at risk of eviction and we are gems Rowley says he did not reinstate an eviction ban because only Congress can do that. This is happening at a time when employment benefits are being cut back. So you're going to see a lot of people who cannot pay rent and they're no longer protected against eviction and in different people different groups that have studied this say of the 110 million Americans who live in rental housing at least 30 million are at risk of eviction by the end of September another executive action Trump federal unemployment benefits, but States would have to chip in money on top of what they're already in Belarus. The main opposition candidate is refusing to accept the landslide Victory declared by the country's 5 term president as NPR's Lucy and Kim reports for Moscow.

Broke out overnight in Belarus as people took to the streets to protest what they called massive vote-rigging.

Police use flash bang grenades and tear gas to clear protesters out of the center of the capital Minsk authorities deny report that one person was killed but say 50 protesters and 37 injured in about 3,000 people arrested Nationwide the main opposition candidates, if Lana teaching those condemned the police violence and said the election have been rigged senko compare the protesters to sheep were controlled by their foreign Puppet Masters, Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow and International Conference held virtual 8 hours for Lebanon. It's to help rebuild Beirut after last week's catastrophic explosion killed at least 150 eight people and injured at least $6,000.

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Mauritius is struggling to contain an oil spill from a japanese-owned ship that ran aground off the island last month. The islands prime minister has appealed for international assistance issues mafundikwa reports responded by dispatching aircraft and technical advisers to the Island Maine wild thousands of volunteers are working to contain at the oil spill. The oil is leaking into a protected Marine Park boasting and spoiled coral reefs mangrove forest and endangered species about a thousand tons of the estimated at $4,000 at the ship was carrying have already leaked into the sea go some have been airlifted to the show rough seas and a strong with the efforts to pump. The oil is still on the ship green fees. Africa says you will have dire consequences for Mauritius economy food security and held

Play NPR news i m is equal in Harare Taliban prisoners to help start peace talks between the militant group in the Afghan government. The move comes after The Afghan government held a huge National Assembly with citizens to discuss the issue a Hong Kong media Mogul and leading critic of China's Communist party, but has been arrested Jimmy lies accused of colluding with foreign powers. Liza rest comes after China pass national security law aimed at silencing dissent in Hong Kong Acworth a Coleman NPR news.
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