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NPR News: 08-11-2020 10AM ET

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My from NPR news on Korva Coleman stocks open mixed this morning is the global count of coronavirus infections top 20 million and BR Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones Industrials Rose more than 300 points in early training. Both of The Owl and the S&P 500 continue to build on Mondays rally while the tech-heavy NASDAQ index is slumping. That's a reversal of what we seen in earlier weeks. The S&P is closing in on its all-time high after regaining nearly all the ground it lost during the pandemic investors are still weighing the executive actions now by President Trump over the weekend and effort to prop up the economy Trump promised to restore half of the supplemental unemployment benefits that expired last month. He's also called for a deferral of employees payroll taxes, which would temporarily Booth workers take-home pay but could result in a higher tax bill next year skyworth NPR News, Washington

First to register a vaccine for the coronavirus Putin made a broadcast announcement today, but Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar told ABC's Good Morning America. He has doubts about whether the Russian vaccine will work. The point is not to be first with a vaccine. The point is to have a vaccine that is safe and effective on Monday and Association of Russian researchers criticized the vaccine. They said it hadn't even been tested on 100 people in the US and Europe tens of thousands of volunteers are participating in trial for a vaccine the Trump Administration hopes touted by early next year. Five dates are holding runoff for primary elections today that includes Georgia, Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin, Georgia is holding primary run-off elections. Remember station WABE Emma heard reports on a hotly-contested race in Georgia's 14th congressional district while margins between Republicans and Democrats in

How to have narrowed recently the 14th congressional district is home to decidedly conservative voters both GOP hopefuls in the runoff back the president the Second Amendment and oppose abortion. But Marjorie Taylor Greene has stood out for controversial statement supporting the debunked qanon conspiracy theory and for saying to new Muslim members of Congress amounted to a quote Islamic invasion of the government several Republicans distance themselves from her after those statements and many of the states elected officials are supporting her run off opponent John Cowan for NPR news on Everhart and Atlanta vice president Pence is traveling to Arizona today to attend to campaign events. It will accept the endorsement of a police Union in Tucson. He'll also attended Outreach effort near Phoenix for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the most read the Dow is up more than 300 points a 28092 or more than 1% The NASDAQ is down more than 78 points.

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It's been a week since a massive chemical explosion in Beirut killed at least 160 people and injured more than $6,000. Now chemical experts are warring. There are several more dangerous chemical containers at the bay report that need to be secured one has leaked last week's explosion was so gargantuan buildings were flattened and damage was reported far away leaving Hong Kong conducted their third wave of a rest and renew National Security Law. They've nabbed prominent activists and a freelance journalist and beers. Emily Fang reports all are being accused of colluding with foreign powers a charge that could carry up to life in prison under the law. This week is Agnes Chow, young activists was disqualified from a lawmaker position in 2017 after refusing to swear an oath to China and Wilson leave a freelance journalist. An NGO worker child was arrested for allegedly calling on foreign countries distinction Hong Kong me T-Mobile Jimmy Li

His two sons and forth employees were also arrested yesterday. And what does he come the 3rd mask way of arrest so far under the National Security Law just over a month old the love criminalizes secession and subversion of other crimes allows for the extradition of complex cases to Mainland China Emily Fang NPR news Beijing officials in New Zealand say they've discovered four cases of coronavirus the country had just completed 102 days without any Community transmission or spread of the virus. All the cases were in one house in Auckland City residents are being asked to stay home for several days Encore of a Coleman NPR news.
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