NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-12-2020 3AM ET

NPR News: 08-12-2020 3AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate. Biden calls his former campaign rival a Fearless spider for the little guy President. Trump says Harris is too liberal and he doesn't like the way she's grilled is nominees the meanest.

The most horrible most disrespectful of anybody in the US Senate what he calls the first important decision. The president makes Obama says Harris is more than prepared to be the nation's vice-president a supporter of the Devon qanon conspiracy theory has won the Republican primary in a Georgia congressional district Marjorie Taylor Greene won despite her lack of support from any national and state GOP leaders. Remember station w a v e m a hurt has more from Atlanta tension for calling newly elected Muslim members of Congress a quote Islamic Invasion into the government and calling George Soros a Jewish Democratic donor and not see he lost an endorsement and several GOP leaders condemn to remarks, but that didn't slow her down. Here's one of her Facebook video shortly before the election. I will continue to speak

Start to realize is all of us regular people in America are completely done with them green moved her campaign from Suburban Atlanta to Northwest Georgia in December and spent nearly a million dollars of her own money on the race. She's all but guaranteed the seat since the district voted 75% for Donald Trump in 2016 for NPR news. I'm a hurt in Atlanta, Georgia Democratic primary challenge in 2018. Omar became one of the first two Muslim women elected to the US Congress California's nonpartisan legislative analyst's office is warning lawmakers to remember the threat of climate change while addressing the coronavirus pandemic as NPR's Nathan Roth reports. The agencies report is relevant to States across the country and emic is a Now problem for people around the country Now problem has legislative office warrants.

Budget shortfalls, it should not Overlook efforts to curb climate change as well because the future risk is enormous between 10 billion dollars worth of existing infrastructure in California is expected to be underwater in the next 30 Years. The report says and additional 6 to 10 billion dollars would be at risk during High Tides a number of states have had to cut climate adaptation or mitigation efforts because of the coronavirus that too though. The report shows could come at a steep cost in PR news.

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds says preliminary estimates indicate that Monday Storm's damage 2 million acres in her State satellite images reveal extensive prop damage through about one-third of the center of Iowa the storm with winds up to 100 mile per hour through eastern Nebraska across Iowa and parts of Wisconsin and Illinois at the pine Gulch fire surpasses. 36000 Acres outside of Grand Junction, Colorado another Blazers raging in the western part of the state, Colorado Public Radio. Stina sieg says hot dry weather has fueled the Grizzly Creek Blaze, which is now covering more than 3200 Acres of brush the Grizzly Creek Fire has grown quickly since it's parked for unknown reasons a few miles east of the popular tourist town of Glenwood Springs. It started along the roadway and prompted the evacuation of hikers and bikers in Glenwood Canyon. Some nearby residents have now been evacuated as well and Fire.

Spiders of work to create defensible space around homes and a hydroelectric facility officials. Say crews are facing extreme fire conditions due to hot weather and dry brush fueling The Blaze Frontier news and stina sieg in Grand Junction, Colorado. Britain's economy shrank a record 20.4% in the second quarter the UK's office of national tistics as the British economy expanded nearly 9% in June as pandemic related closures. He's but the bank of England predicts that UK's GDP won't fully recovered until the final quarter of next year. This is NPR news.
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