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NPR News: 08-12-2020 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden will appear later today in Delaware with his running mate Kamala Harris. NPR's Barbara's front reports top Democrats are congratulating the California Senator former President Barack Obama applauded Biden's Choice saying he nailed the decision and a statement Obama said Senator Harris is more than prepared for the vice presidency and that quote now Joe has an ideal partner to help him tackle. The very real challenge is America faces right now. And in the years ahead house Speaker Nancy Pelosi added her praise saying that the decision to select Harrah's marks a quote historic and proud milestone for our country. Harris is the third woman and the first black and Asian American candidate to be nominated for vice president by a major political party are best friend. NPR News Washington anti-government protests are now in there for the day in Belarus officials preferred more than a thousand to rest and stay there have been done.

Pensive injuries people are protesting fraud in last Sunday's presidential election and peers Lucy and Kim reports from Moscow. The Belarusian leader is claiming a sixth term in office.

Nationwide protests against President Alexander lukashenko continued overnight with reports of a five-year-old girl being injured in the western town of Grove. No opposition candidates an additional routes during her campaign has left the country apparently under duress one of her aides there any Kitsap kala appeal to the International Community to recognize kitchen elsk is the election winner and help stop the Bloodshed and fears Lucy and Kim reporting from Moscow. Media Mogul Sumner Redstone has died at his home in Los Angeles be was 97 years old. No cause of death was given for the national amusements CEO. Although a spokeswoman said it was not covid-19 related NPR's Elizabeth Blair report that Redstone built Viacom CBS, and he was its principal shareholder.

Sumner Redstone believe that content with King and he controlled a dizzying number of Entertainment Properties. He was in his sixties what he launched a hostile takeover of Viacom Redstone turn the company into a global conglomerate by expanding its cable channels MTV on Nickelodeon to Europe Australia Latin America and Beyond in the 1990s. He purchased Paramount Pictures. He also controlled CBS Sumner Redstone was born in Boston after working as a lawyer. He went to work for his father who owned a few drive-in theaters Redstone eventually turn them into a national chain of multiplexes Sumner Redstone will be remembered as a tenacious dealmaker who fired Executives. You didn't publicly with his family and even once fired Tom Cruise. They later made up Elizabeth Blair NPR news. You're listening to NPR news.

Several States hold primary or run-off elections Tuesday in Minnesota representative. Ilhan Omar decisively won the Democratic nomination for her congressional district. Omari is one of the first two Muslim women elected to congress Midwest residents are cleaning up from Monday is powerful straight line storms known as a derecho the storm killed one person and cause property damage and flattened crops from Iowa to Wisconsin, Iowa Public Radio of clay Masters reports thousands of Iowa customers still lack power the storm known as they do ratio is like an inland hurricane. One of Iowa's largest power companies MidAmerican Energy reports. 146,000 customers were still without power this morning spokesperson. Tina. Hoffman says, they hope to have it all restored by Friday. She says over 200 distribution feeders that Supply power to neighborhoods were down. They restored half of them a little bit of work that goes into getting the full system backup. It's hard to see at that neighborhood level, but those are the

Things that will help us make really great progress and get down to the neighborhood levels County's Interstate Frank PR news on Clay Masters in Des Moines the top prosecutor in the Portland, Oregon area says he won't prosecute protesters who have been arrested on non-violent misdemeanor charges over the past 17 days Multnomah County district attorney. Mike Schmidt says, he's policy recognizes outrage and frustration over racial Injustice. The point protesters have been making for weeks.

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