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NPR News: 08-12-2020 12PM ET

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From NPR news in Washington, I'm Laurie London historic selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate and months of speculation about who he would choose. What is NPR Scott detrow reports started with the list of contenders including Governor senators and Amer Harris always seems to be the one to beat earlier this year a hairstyle. I told me that Harris was kind of the Joe Biden of the thief's takes the clear front-runner going in the front runner that would lead to a lot of second-guessing, but just like fighting in the primary after clothes looks at lots of other contenders you'd end up back at the exact same place. That's essentially what happened and Harris will make their first appearance together as running mates later today at high school near Biden's home in, Delaware.

Many Indians and Indian Americans are tweeting support for Kamala Harris who was also the first person of Indian descent to be nominated as US vice president NPR Lauren Frayer reports. Some Indians are cheering Kamala Harris his connection to India. Her mother was born there a politician in the family's ancestral homeland of Tamil Nadu in Southern India tweeted that this is a moment of Pride for Indians and Tamil Nadu, especially but some supporters of India's Hindu nationalist government criticized Harris were speaking out about Kashmir last year the Indian government cancelled the autonomy of its only muslim-majority state Harris voice support for another Indian American congresswoman who introduced to house resolution critical of India Kashmir policy. Harris is not only the first indian-american on the u.s. Presidential ticket. She's the first woman of color to Lauren fryer and PR news Secretary of State.

Everything by the book when it greenlit major arms deals to Saudi Arabia and others over opposition from Congress as NPR's Michele kelemen reports Pompeo does an inspector General's report exonerate his agency the inspector. General's report says that the department follow the law in its emergency declaration to sell weapons to the Saudis the Democrat who chairs the house Foreign Affairs committee says the report shows that the emergency was a quote should cooked up to get around Congressional review continue to make those claims. We did everything by the book who comply with the loss with the state department oig found as well at work to mitigate the risks of the arm sales for civilians in Yemen, Michele. Kelemen NPR News, Washington.

221 points the S&P gains 42, this is NPR.

College football took a big hit Tuesday despite pleas from players coaches and President Trump to continue playing the Big Ten and Pac-12 Conference has canceled their false season's over coronavirus concerns 40% of major college football teams have decided to cancel their fall season decisions that will cost schools tens of millions of dollars after being postponed twice. The Paris Marathon has now been canceled due to the pandemic NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports French officials are just concerned over uptick of the virus French prime minister. John cast text says the virus is evolving in the wrong direction and the French need to be vigilant and take control past ex has called for the wearing of masks in public places Outdoors Nationwide. The virus infection rate has increased 33% in France over the last week. It's also on the rise and neighboring Belgium and Germany on Wednesday the city of Brussels made face mask, man.

In the streets and the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany is at its highest level in more than three months Eleanor Beardsley NPR news marmoutier, France billionaire media Mogul Sumner Redstone has died at the age of 97 Redstone created a media Empire from his family drive-in movie chain that included CBS Paramount Pictures and Viacom. He been in declining health for years and eventually resigned from his chairmanships following a court-ordered psychiatric examination by Laurie London NPR news in Washington.
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