NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-13-2020 12AM ET

NPR News: 08-13-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris a they're ready for battle over the economy Healthcare and the soul of a Nation versus the first woman of color to run on a major party ticket for vice president as NPR Scott dancer / 4. It's both candidates indicated they're prepared for what could be an ugly campaign heading into November earlier this year a Harris Ally told me that Harris was kind of to Joe Biden of the thief's takes the clear front-runner going in the front runner that would lead to a lot of second-guessing but just like 5 in the primary after clothes looks at lots of other contenders you end up back at the exact same place and that's essentially what happened.

NPR Scott detrow reporting Biden noted that is joined to Paris with Harrison Wilmington. Delaware. Wednesday came on the 3rd anniversary of the deadly clash between the old Nazis and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia for the second time in as many days of Georgia high school is holding in person learning as member station WABE, Martha Dalton reports in both cases. The moves are being taken because of possible exposure to the coronavirus the district announced it will close Woodstock High School do214 confirm cases of covid-19 and 15 pending test almost 300 staff and students at the school are quarantined Etowah High School was shut down for a similar outbreak a picture of Anna said it was student standing shoulder-to-shoulder went viral last week, but schools will shift to remote classes while the district clean school buildings officials say they expect more quarantines and more school closures as they navigate the pandemic officials hoped.

Resume in person classes at both high schools August 31st for NPR news on Martha Dalton in Atlanta last recorded on earth as greenhouse gases continue to Rise & Tiaras Rebecca hersher has highlights from the latest state of the climate report report is put together by scientists the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This year's report finds that 2019 was one of the three hottest years ever recorded on earth and the long-term global warming trend is on Full display every year since 2013 has been hotter than any year before 2013. The reason human greenhouse gas emissions the amount of CO2 and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere continues to rise in 2019 climate change made itself felt in particularly damaging ways in the region around the Indian Ocean with unprecedented Cyclones flooding and wildfires looking forward to the rest of 2020 forecasters warned that the Earth is on track.

One of its hottest years ever again Rebecca hersher NPR news on Wall Street stocks close higher with the Dow Jones Industrials gaining 289.7 as a composite index Rose 229. This is NPR news.

Air Force crew member is recovering from a gunshot wound suffered in Flight during a training Mission over Middleburg Virginia near Washington DC. The chopper was forced to make an emergency landing at a regional airport in Manassas Wednesday both the FBI and the military are investigating one of the nation's oldest clothing chains has found a buyer. They could keep its brand alive as NPR's Alina selyukh reports Brooks brother says it will be acquired through a partnership between a brand management company and a major Mall operator Brooks Brothers is over 200 years old that's dressed almost all American presidents one of the most high-profile bankruptcies of the coronavirus pandemic. It's now ready to be sold for 325 million dollars to Adventure Run by authentic Brands which owns labels like Nine West and Nautica and Simon Property Group, which is the country's largest mall owner. It's not the first time these two companies have stepped in to prop up flagging retailers a bigger partnership involving them.

Forever 21 out of bankruptcy. They were also earlier said to be in talks to buy JCPenney there planned purchase of Brooks Brothers includes a deal to keep open a hundred and twenty five store location Alina selyukh NPR news and like roughly two dozen retailers florida-based department store chain Stein Mart to seeking chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The 112 turo discount retailer says it will close most if not all of its more than 280 stores Stein Mart has more than 8,000 employees in 30 States on Shea Stephens. This is NPR news.
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