NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-13-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 08-13-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens former Vice President, Joe Biden says, he's found a governing partner in California, Senator Kamala Harris represent the Democratic Presidential nominee and his running mate met their first joint campaign appearance yesterday at Wilmington Delaware as NPR's Osman Khalid reports Harris. So I did a list of shortcomings by the current Administration to me was the forceful critique that she made against both President Trump individually and in the Trump Administration, you know, she is a longtime prosecutor and I would say that I think she was perhaps the most effective Democrat we have heard as of late Prosecuting the case against how the Trump Administration has handle the coronavirus pandemic package are currently nonexistent is NPR's Windsor Johnston reports Congressional leaders are refusing to budge on a number of issues including extended unemployment benefits Congressional Democrats.

Turn down an offer from the Trump Administration on Wednesday to resume negotiations on the next relief measure house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader. Chuck Schumer said he'll meet with the administration when it's budges on spending Democrats are proposing a 3 trillion dollar measure that includes additional federal aid for state and local governments and an extension of supplemental jobless benefits Republican say the Democratic plan is too costly the Trump Administration is casting doubt on whether a deal can be reached saying Democrats have no interest in negotiating Windsor Johnston NPR News, Washington Republican senators from Alaska are joining Democrats in seeking an extension of the legal deadline for the 2020 census critics. Say the Trump administration's plan to end the national population count a month early raises the risk of historically undercounted groove thing left out more from NPR.

Roughly 4 in 10 households. Nationwide have not yet been counted in the Census Bureau says counting is set to end on September 30th because there's trouble ministration directive to produce census results needed for redistributing seats in Congress to the president by the end of this year as required by federal law a career officials at the bureau have already said that is not possible because of delays caused by the group of 48 Senators including Republican Senators Lisa murkowski and Dan Sullivan of Alaska say they want the next coronavirus relief package include deadline extension for the scent is similar call recently came from Republican. Senator. Steve daines, Montana, Angela Wong NPR news, New York Department Store chain steinmarts is seeking bankruptcy protection the 100 twelve-year-old for the bass company says it's overwhelmed by the economic downturn song where it says, it will close most if not all of it more than 280 stores. This is NPR news.

I nearly 12 hour long standoff in a hotel parking lot in Bend Oregon is over federal agents and right here use pepper spray to clear a crowd that surround it to unmarked buses sent by Ice officials standoff began when agents detain two people on one of those buses. The whereabouts of the detainee's is unknown.

A wildfire has been a Wildland fire has been pulled from a blaze in Idaho after testing positive for covid-19 from Boise State public radio. Troy Hopi has that story. The firefighter is one of hundreds battling a small but difficult Blaze north of Boise dubbed the pumpkin fire the individual experience symptoms consistent with covid-19 was isolated tested positive and sent home along with others in their team to isolate though. No one else tested positive firefighters are working in smaller distanced groups to prevent the spread of covid-19 teams can close to the fire line and get food and supplies are dropped by helicopter. Josh Switzer is a helibase manager. It reduces. I'm on the road reduces time at convenience stores grocery stores and interaction among these Crews Wild by firefighters in Washington, California and New Mexico have also tested positive for the coronavirus for NPR news on Troy Ave in Boise.

The actors and singers have reached agreement on workplace safety. The deal ends a dispute over the extent of coronavirus testing for workers and visitors at the Florida Resort. It's unclear. How many of the performers will be asked to return. This is NPR news support for him.
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