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NPR News: 08-13-2020 7AM ET

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Line from NPR news on Korva Coleman Democratic presidential and vice presidential hopeful Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have kicked off their joint campaign by criticizing the Trump Administration and a joint news conference. Wednesday Harris excoriated President Trump's handling of the pandemic NPR's 1A Summers reports Harris. Also discussed working with Biden also heard Harris talk about her relationship with Joe Biden one that was forged out of her close relationship with Beau Biden. The former vice president's son who died of cancer. They served as State Attorneys General at the same time. Biden had also said that he had asked Rock Obama to promise that he would be the last person in the room before Obama made a big decision. And Joe Biden said that was what kind of relationship he said. He imagines that you'll have with Harris as warm as summer is reporting. Meanwhile the Trump campaign released a statement saying the Biden hair is ticket is the most extreme and leftist in American major party history of senior official with a u.s. Postal service.

The post office will not prioritize Americans mail-in ballots for delivery unless state pay for first class postage, then Paevey remember station BPM in Richmond reports. This is part of recent changes to the Postal Service in the past 14 rights groups. Say the Postal Service move mountains to make sure ballots got delivered, but at a round-table hosted by Senator Mark Warner USPS head of election mail said balance would not be prioritized unless they were first class mail Warner a Democrat from Virginia said it sounded like the postal service was trying to quote cut the books USPS maintains that his policies on Dallas haven't changed. The agency's new postmaster has been under Fire for promoting cost-cutting measures and a sudden reorganization Democrat. Save those changes will the lake email ranging from Dallas to medicine for NPR news. I've been paid your in Richmond protesters in Bend Oregon stalled officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement from

Detaining two men on Wednesday afternoon, Oregon public broadcasting Emily Cureton reports ice officials were delayed for more than 10 hours to men who have both lived in Central Oregon more than a decade were loaded onto an unmarked white bus operated by contractors for eyes.

News of the arrest for Rapid organizing on social media people block the bus from leaving with their bodies in a car's a small boy leaned against the locked windows and pride.

Protests culminated in more than a dozen border patrol agents marching up to the crowd the flying pepper spray on at least three people the agents let out staff and the detainees spokeswoman for I said the men arrested each had a history of criminal violent behavior for NPR news. I'm Emily Cureton in Bend, Oregon. You're listening to NPR news.

Puerto Rico Supreme Court ruled late last night the US Territory must resume its botched elections this coming Sunday some Puerto Ricans could not vote for governor last Sunday because ballots were delayed to their precincts or never showed up at all. The government of the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius says an oil spill on its Coast is now under control and Beyonce tour for all the reports. All the fuel has now been pumped out a rounded oil tanker ship has already spilled more than a thousand tons of fuel into the pristine Waters of the Indian Ocean proving job not the prime minister of Mauritius says that the three thousand or so tons of fuel that were left on board have now been pumped out. So the worst he says has been avoided but experts say the damage could be devastating in the water isn't huge but the spill happened near one of the most biologically diverse spots on Earth the coral reefs in that area are home to almost 2,000 species.

Worried that in the long run the spill could kill the reefs Ada Peralta NPR news, Nairobi the Environmental Protection Agency is poised to cut back Obama era regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas Fields. The Trump Administration says it will promote energy Independence, but some big oil and gas producers don't want the rollback of the rule. They worried that if methane emissions are not controlled that I could hurt their arguments that natural gas is a cleaner burning fossil fuel than coal is smaller oil companies say the regulations are still too expensive. This is NPR news.
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