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NPR News: 08-13-2020 10AM ET

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My from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman stocks open mix this morning as the labor department reported a significant drop in unemployment claims last week and we are Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones Industrials fell about 20 points in early trading while the NASDAQ was up new claim for state unemployment benefits fell below the 1 million Mark last week for the first time since the pandemic took hold in the United States claims under new federal program for Gig workers. And the self-employed were also down the dropping claims May reflect some stabilization in the job market unemployment benefits of also become less valuable such a special Federal supplement is $600 a week expired at the end of July after last week playing for tally President Trump ordered a new federal supplement of $300 a week and he encouraged state to contribute an additional $100 the present move relies on redirecting FEMA money, which would last about five weeks at work the NPR News, Washington.

The coronavirus pandemic currently more than 5 million people have been infected with a virus in the US more than 166000 people have died here at covid-19. Facebook is introducing into litz voting information center. The social media company says it's trying to help register for million Americans to vote by explaining how to register and how to vote by mail in addition to other information Facebook head of cyber security that Daniel gleizer told NPR's Morning Edition. The platform is trying to stop election misinformation. So we work with third-party organizations to identify any type of voter suppression or go to interference a clean that misrepresent how you vote where you vote for when you take that down still he noted that people will read what they're looking for on Facebook and talk to the people that they want. Facebook is a financial contributor to NPR.

The Trump Administration has partially lifted a ban on work visas that disproportionately affected people from India. The state department says applicants whose work is in the National interest will be Exempted from the band Phish me to Pathak reports from Mumbai President Trump back in June for several types of work visas, including the H-1B visas up 70% of each one of these go to Indians many work for us tech companies, but got stranded outside the US when the band took effect. Now, the state department says H-1B holders are exempt from the band if they're involved in public health of research to help fight covid-19 technical Specialists and managers whose return is critical to the US economic recovery are also allowed in Industry Association calls that were so cold a step in the right direction. But what is there may be some confusion interpreting the new guidance

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Several hundred protesters in Portland, Oregon Clash again with police overnight in the downtown area someone set off a firework others lit a fire near federal courthouse police responded with tear gas and a riot was declared protests have occurred Knightley in Portland against racial Injustice since the killing of George Floyd in May the National interagency Fire Center. It says wildfires are burning in more than a dozen states mostly in the west. Remember station KPCC, Jacob Margolis reports a wildfire north of Los Angeles has burned more than 15 square miles and forced evacuations. It's been dry and hot with temperatures approaching triple digits. So it wasn't surprising when a wildfire broke out. What was surprising was how fast it spread through the Steep mountainous terrain as trees and brush burn a column of smoke grew so large that it was visible from at least 100 miles away four different fire agencies responded quickly with ground crews are tied.

Carson helicopters. The good news is it's not too windy currently. So hopefully that'll give them a Fighting Chance. The bad news is that there's a lot of fuel to burn in that area and fire weather is expected to continue as temperatures hover around the low 100s through the next week for NPR news. I'm Jacob Margolis in Los Angeles has Supreme Court rule late last night that u.s. Territory must resume its botched elections this coming Sunday some Puerto Ricans couldn't vote for governor last Sunday because ballots were delayed to their precincts or never showed up at all hundreds of polling stations were affected Encore of a Coleman NPR news.
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