NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-14-2020 1AM ET

NPR News: 08-14-2020 1AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens Congressional leaders are slamming each other over the lack of progress on a new coronavirus relief package and Tiaras Chloe through Salas reports that there's a long list of issues separating the two sides house Speaker Nancy Pelosi took aim at Republicans saying it's been 90 day since house Democrats have proved their 3 trillion-dollar proposal. The needs of the American people are not changing their only getting more so they're not less than but Republicans won't meet them in the middle of their competing offers for a 2 trillion dollar deal your Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. It was your brother.

That's throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks can't agree on more than a trillion dollars in plans including state and local emergency funding and extra unemployment payments party because NPR News Washington University school and government claims of racial bias and its admissions process meritless. And Hasty has Connecticut public radio is dying and were some reports a Justice Department investigation concludes the DL discriminates against white and Asian American students is civil rights division national origin and that the likelihood of admission for Asian Americans and whites with similar academic credentials is significantly lower than for African-American and Hispanic applicants. The doj says compliance with the Civil Rights act as a condition of the school receiving taxpayer dollars Yale says it's cooperating fully with the doj probe and is dismayed that the department made a determination before receiving all the materials that requested had the doj Fairly.

I need the information Yale says it would find the University's admissions practices comply with Decades of Supreme Court precedent for NPR news. I'm Diane worsening New Haven pulling out of Portland after a local sheriff announced he will not prosecute hundreds of protesters arrested their state police were protecting the federal courthouse from demonstrators multi-homer County district. Attorney. Mike Schmidt says the policy applies to people arrested for misdemeanors Israel in the United Arab Emirates have agreed to restore full diplomatic relations under an agreement brokered by the United States the deal requires Israel to hold its plans to NX Westbank land salt by the Palestinians UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Anwar gargash called an opening for peace talks in the region and its brains actually a tree or in a very difficult time in

Allegiant not normally for good times anyway as the deal amounts to treason and should be reversed among Arab Nations Egypt and Jordan already have peace deals with his real. This is NPR news.

AMC entertainment says it will reopen more than a hundred theaters on August 20th. And the price of admission will be $0.15 per movie. The nation's largest movie theater chain is already reopen numerous other country theaters read Regal Cinemas the second largest chain also plans to reopen some Us locations next week ahead of the NCAA stats college sports championships are canceled this year with the possible exception of football and they are three gallon reports that the announcement comes as many college sports conferences have canceled their full seasons.

At least a dozen Division 1 athletic conferences have said they won't be playing sports this fall because of concerns about the coronavirus that includes football but also soccer volleyball and field hockey among others NCAA president Mark Emmert says with so many schools canceling their season, there won't be any Championships held this fall with a possible exception of football, but she doesn't control at this point. He says schools and conferences should plan for short and championships in the spring. Will it be normal of course not fall sport in the spring go to create other conflicts and challenges of course, but is it doable? Yeah. Some of the top conferences are planning a fall football season, the college football playoff committee says it's going ahead with plans for a possible National Championship Greg Allen NPR news tropical storm. Number 10 is formed in the Atlantic. It's called Josephine the National Hurricane Center says, the weather system is caring sustained winds of 45 miles per hour hundreds of miles east-southeast of the northern neighborhood Islands.

I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news.
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