NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-14-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 08-14-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and running mate. Kamala Harris are promising to launch a massive covid-19 testing and tracking system on the first day in office. If elected Biden says that every person in the country should be wearing a mask in public at least for the next 3 months. Every governor of a governor should mend a mandatory mask-wearing the estimates by the experts are it will save over 40,000 lives in the next 3 months.

40000 line President Trump says his administration wants face covering to be a personal choice. We've been saying Wareham when it's appropriate especially in terms of social distancing if you can't distance enough and what do you have to lose according to Johns Hopkins University more than 167,000 of the more than 5.2 million u.s. Covid-19 cases have resulted in death. President. Trump says, he's still against mail-in ballot ink, but will not be to a coronavirus relief measure that includes funding for the cash-strapped postal service and he has more lysine reports. It's unlikely that the Republican Senate whatever send a bill to Trump's desk without his approval the president continues to talk openly about making sure the post office does not get the money. It needs to handle an expansion of voting by mail the Democrats won funding for the post office to be part of the next relief package, which has stalled in Congress. If the bill isn't going to get done that would mean the post office.

Doesn't go to get funded. There's no evidence of widespread fraud and mail voting and no indication that mail-in voting helps one-party more than the other. The president has said he believes mail-in ballots. What advantage Democrats Mara liasson NPR news the Dodgers have become the first major league baseball team to offer their stadium for voting in November. The team says all public health guidelines will be followed to prevent the spread of coronavirus any registered voter in Los Angeles County can visit the stadium over $5. And the teams has parking will be free Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the Austrian Capital as he continues a formation tour of Central and Eastern Europe has Carrie Skyrim reports from the end of the US trade dispute with China along with the energy and Regional security top the agenda during play Chinese Huawei build you a 5G network is the message Mike Pompeo is spreading across Central Europe and he'll repeat that when he meets the Austrian Chancellor and foreign minister.

Another top theme of the Trump Administration Iran's nuclear program will be on the agenda. When the Secretary of State meets the head of the international atomic energy agency in Vienna in after-hours trading US futures are lower Asian stock markets are mixed lower in Shanghai. This is NPR news.

The city council in Austin Texas has voted unanimously to reduce its police budget by one-third next fiscal year. The savings has to be redirected to social services including food and coronavirus response beginning October 1st, Austin Police Chief. Brian. Manley says the cuts and plans to reimagine the city's police single lead to changes unlike anything. He seen in his 30 years with the Department events are being held today to Mark the 75th anniversary of Japan's surrender North in the end of World War II and Piers Jen Newman reports at this date is widely considered to be an official end of the roughly six years before the bombs stopped falling 75 years ago this month developed during a top-secret operation codenamed the Manhattan Project. The atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in early August of 1945 on August 15th. The Japanese government issued a statement declaring they would agree to the terms of their surrender, which was officially accepted by the US.

Sun September 2nd still 75 years later within 1 million Japanese War soldiers remains have not been recovered or identified and likely never will in the US World War. We're being unloaded earlier this week of Pearl Harbor for the upcoming Ariel parades that are apart of the anniversary commemoration genuine NPR news video game fortnite is suing Google and apple over restrictions on its in-app payments. Apple removed fortnite from its app store after epic games enable data direct payment feature on Chase Stevens. This is NPR news.
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