NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-14-2020 9AM ET

NPR News: 08-14-2020 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman and NPR survey of State Health departments in the US finds few of them are publicizing data from their coronavirus contact racing programs as NPR Selena Simmons dumping report Public Health experts say transparency is essential in combating covid-19 worker called each person who tested positive for the coronavirus asked about their clothes contacts and then calls those contacts to tell them to quarantine only 12 States and Washington DC surveyed by NPR are publicly sharing the data-gathering from this process. I think it's a little bit scattershot right now Center for Health security who collaborated with NPR on the survey. She had a few States, including, New Jersey, Louisiana and Delaware.

Selena Simmons Duffin NPR news the US Conference of Mayors says it's report on police reform and racial Justice gives cities a blueprint for real and Lasting change and PR Cheryl Corley reports. It's an effort to change the culture in police departments the Mayors and police Chiefs who wrote the recommendation say funding for police shouldn't change but the role of local police should since too often. They're considered First Responders and every scene. They also said the collective bargaining agreements with police unions and state laws off and hinder investigations and reforms so those should be altered as well NPR Cheryl Corley reporting tens of thousands of customers remain in the dark and Eastern Iowa following Monday's destructive storms called derecho officials in Cedar Rapids say it is worse than the flooding that wrecked the city more than a decade ago. Some people still cannot call 911 Apple and Google have both blocked the video game fortnite from

Their app stores. This comes after the game developer try to get around payment rules and BRZ me held reports game developer epic is suing the tech Giant's on the ground unlawful Monopoly.

Apple and Google removed fortnite from their digital marketplaces for policy violations, encouraged the online video game passing the Apple app and Google Play stores Apple and Google each take a 30% cut from their in-app purchases epic calls, the restrictions anticompetitive filing lawsuit against the Giants in the US District Court of Northern California. Fortnite is among the most popular online video games with hundreds of millions of registered users T14 and it allows players to compete against others battling to the death Amy held NPR news. This is NPR.

President Trump is praising the US negotiated agreement that calls for the United Arab Emirates to move toward diplomatic ties with Israel and exchange is real would suspend its annexation of land in Palestinian territories from says he'll welcome is really in UAE leaders to the White House soon to formalize the agreement Palestinians are outraged and turkey says the UAE has no right to negotiate on the Palestinians North Korea Has Lifted a lockdown on a city that some thought had the country's first coronavirus patient and Piers Anthony Kuhn reports from Seoul the north still claims not to have any coronavirus cases, although experts doubt that leader Kim Jong-un until the meeting of the ruling Workers Party politburo on Thursday that the situation in the city of kaesong had stabilized in the city could be reopened. It was locked down on July 24th after a North Korean man who had defected to South Korea slipped back over the border and into kaesang Coben tests on the man proved inconclusive North

Rihanna is also recently been hit by severe flooding which is damaged thousands of homes. Kim said that due to the danger of the coronavirus entering the country North Korea will not accept any International aid for flood victims and will keep its borders shut Anthony tune in PR news. Soul Zealand has extended a coronavirus lockdown and its biggest city Auckland as new cases of the virus emerge until this week New Zealand have gone for more than 100 days without a new case. Now, there are at least 30 of them officials believe the virus came from outside the country, but they haven't found it in any new Travelers on Korva Coleman NPR news.
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