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NPR News: 08-15-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora raum. The u.s. Postal Services Watchdog office is reviewing a series of changes made by the agency's new leader NPR's Vanessa Romo reports. The investigation was sparked by a request from Democratic Senate leaders concern the moves are intended to suppress voting results in November. The gation arguing that the latest changes are an attempt to sabotage the Postal Service as well as the election by deliberately slowing the processing of mail-in ballots on Friday Warren confirmed the Postal Service Office of the Inspector General has already begun to audit all operational changes and posed by Postmaster General Louis dejoy and in a statement. She said the IG is also looking into de joyas personal conflicts of interests. The joy is a donor to President Trump campaign so far. He's reassigned or displaced 23 postal Executives. He's also change delivery policies band over time and in

Wanted other measures to cut cost to Joy says the goal is to improve the postal service and make it more efficient Vanessa Romo NPR news into 46 States and the District of Columbia and warn them there may be enough not not enough time for voters to receive complete and return their ballots by mail in order for them to be counted that the state deadlines for votes to be counted. It may not be possible. President Trump is spending the weekend at his golf resort in New Jersey. He held a campaign event with New York City police officers telling them that Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be a threat to Law and Order if they're elected to the White House. It's a left-wing war on Cops.

Sleepy Joe Biden where to become president, he would immediately passed legislation to get every single Police Department in America, you know that and probably shoot the step worse. She's a step worse Kamala Kamala Harris was a prosecutor in California and served as the state's attorney general for the first time since 2001 rolling blackouts were implemented across California Friday as the safe deals with a heatwave. Although power has been restored State why the hot weather may lead to more outages NPR's Nathan rot reports in California and through much of the West and forecasters believe they'll stay that way for most of the next week with people trying to stay cool electrical demand is surging California's electrical grid operators are urging people to conserve power but not using major appliances in keeping lights dimmed for the first time in 19 years ago. They also directed utilities to implement.

Short power outages to take stress Off the Grid. It's unclear. If similar orders will be given throughout the next coming week. But the heat wave could be the worst hit the region in more than a decade Nathan Rott NPR News, Southern California. This is NPR news.

Hundreds of people are out of their homes in Southern California because of a major Wildfire. It's burning brush covered mountains north of Los Angeles. It's charged more than 11,000 Acres since it began Wednesday in the Angeles National Forest and American journalist went missing in Syria eight years ago this week NPR's Michele kelemen reports. The Trump Administration says it continues to reach out to the Syrian government for health in the case. It's been eight years since freelance journalist Austin Tice disappeared in Syria as the state department marked this Grim anniversary. It announced that President Trump propose to direct dialogue with Bashar al-assad in March US government has tried repeatedly to engage Syrian officials about this case the statement also says that with the exception of a video released soon after ties was taken at a checkpoint in 2012. He has not been heard from again tights was in the Marine Corps and served in Iraq before becoming a freelance.

He filed reports from Syria for McClatchy news and others Michele. Kelemen NPR News Washington the United Nations security Council Friday rejected an extension of an embargo on weapons sales to Iran set to expire in October. I'm on the 15 members only the Dominican Republic supported the US and its proposal for an extension Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo said the US will now push the UN to reimpose sanctions against the run that had been lifted as part of a deal with Iran, but the US has withdrawn from that agreement. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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