NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-16-2020 10AM ET

NPR News: 08-16-2020 10AM ET

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Live from NPR news on trial Snyder Democrats in Congress are pushing back against the controversial cost-cutting Boos at the US Postal Service. They say they plan to introduce legislation to address a cat's widely blamed for a male delays ahead of the November elections, Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly cheers a house panel that oversees the Postal Service in the immediate run Congress has limited options, but we're clearly going to highlight this issue. We're going to introduce legislation to roll back these so-called operational efficiencies. We're going to work with the men and women who work for the postal service to ensure that they will continue as they always have the past to make mail-in ballots a priority only spoke to NPR this weekend Democrats accused the Trump administration of trying to disrupt mail-in ballots, and there are reports this weekend at house Speaker Nancy Pelosi make all house members back from their summer recess President Trump is defending his Postmaster General and speaking from his Club.

Bedminster New Jersey this weekend. The president's not to blame democrats for the postal service's financial problems last week. The president said he opposes Democrats oppose. I propose to funding for mail-in balancing because he doesn't want it used for the election Democrats hold their presidential nominating convention this week. The coronavirus pandemic has forced organizers to make the convention of virtual event instead of holding it in a packed Arena. It appears Don gonyea reports. The plan was for a big Democratic gathering in Milwaukee chosen because Wisconsin is a key Battleground State instead delegates watch online speeches will also be remote Leah Daughtry was in charge of to previous Democratic conventions. She says even in this virtual format the convention still needs to send a strong message. What are the parties of values? What is the party division? How is this nominee going to take us further? How are we planning?

Remove the nation Vice Presidential nominee. Kamala Harris is scheduled for Wednesday night Presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday and BR news brother has died in Piero's Franco Ordonez reports on the president's emotional response President Trump released a statement Saturday night stating that his brother passed away peacefully the president wrote that he was not just his brother but his best friend that he will be greatly missed but that they will meet again his memory will live on in my heart forever. The president said what else statement on Robert Trump staff did not give a cause a president that visited his brother in the hospital on Friday before going to his Golf Club in New Jersey for the weekend Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now when the Dominican Republic is playing touchdown in Santo Domingo a short time ago. He's leaving a US delegation attending today's presidential inauguration there and you're listening to NPR news.

In Michigan the white nationalist group The Proud boys clash with counter-protesters in the streets of Kalamazoo this weekend. Nathan Denison is a pastor of First Congregational Church. He says he helped organized but he stopped will be a peaceful counter-protest and then things escalated, of course, they carry Flags they use those to beat people up. It was pretty horrific you say there were rest but it's not clear how many right-wing demonstrators also clash with counter-protesters in Georgia and in Portland, Oregon Portland as seen nightly protest against priests are police brutality for more than 2 months Portland Police declared a riot overnight Major League Baseball set today to recognize the founding of the Negro Leagues 100 years ago in Kansas City, Greg Acklin report to move comes amid calls for social change pushed in the wake of George Floyd's death in May.

The Kansas City Royals are playing their Sunday game in Minneapolis Negro Leagues baseball Museum president. BoB Kendrick says, there's an important connection between today's occurrences and the social condition is the Negro Leaguers plate under a century ago, but we are also here to help people understand what others have had to endure to go on to Greatness 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers 27 years after the Negro Leagues were founded for NPR news. I'm Greg Eklund in Minneapolis Isuzu NPR news.
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