NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-17-2020 12AM ET

NPR News: 08-17-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Nora raum house Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling the house back to Washington early to vote on legislation barring the postal service from making changes ahead of the election NPR's Kelsey Snell reports. The bill would prevent the postal service from altering operations that were in place as of the start of this year until early September the Pelosi told them to protect the daily operations the postal service and valid access amid, the coronavirus pandemic the timing means the house will vote on the legislation the same week as Democrats hold their political convention to formally nominated Joe Biden as their candidate for president Democrats. Also announced emergency oversight Committee hearing all the USPS on August 24th. The committee has requested that Postmaster General Lewis to Joy appear at that hearing Pelosi is criticized to Joy for Planned cuts of the postal service and called the Postmaster General.

Quote complicit crony Kelsey Snell NPR News Washington worries about the postal service are widespread in Congress and not limited to the upcoming election and Tiaras miles Parks has more Democrats are very concerned and that really stands the whole party progressives and moderates come out very vocally, but even a number of Republicans on the hill, especially in rural areas. They represent rural areas that are more dependent on the Postal Service. There's worry that President Trump is trying to use the Postal Service to hamper mail-in voting. The many lawmakers are also pointing out how people depend on the poster postal service for things like prescription drugs and Social Security checks NPR's miles Parts reporting Georgia's governor is reversing course and is now allowing local governments in the state to issue with mask mandates. Remember station WABE in Atlanta Alex helmick reports.

Can impose mask requirements for public places Camp had previously been notably Atlanta's mayor Keisha Lance bottoms over her issue that he said superseded the states order in this order fines for violators cannot exceed $50 and no businesses can be punished. It can only be enforced on private property including businesses. If the owner consent to it the order still bands Gatherings of 50 or more people and still requires the most vulnerable to shelter in place for NPR news on my way in a huge Wildfire continues to burn north of Los Angeles official say more than 4,500 buildings are in danger. The fire has burned nearly 28 square miles and destroyed 33 building since it began Wednesday firefighting efforts are being hampered by excessive heat temperatures have been in triple digits for days. This is NPR news.

Elvis Presley died 43 years ago Sunday every year Graceland his famous estate in Memphis post throngs of fans who gather to commemorate the lead singer and twentieth-century culture like on butt is Katie Reardon of members station w k n o reports the coronavirus pandemic meant a more modest event this year on a typical year thousands congregate in the streets outside Graceland waiting in line, sometimes all night to pay their respects at the king of rock and roll's gravesite this year the global tourist attraction only permitted at 720 to get a gas to make the pilgrimage and cap the amount of time they spent on the property fans covered their faces and whereas to maintain a 8ft distance between groups Carolee Tommy drove 31 hours from California. She hasn't missed a single vigil in 15 years, but was disappointed not everyone could make it once a year. We all get together here in like a

A big family reunions Jenna the last thing you say is. Okay. We'll see you next Elvis Week. She's hopeful that will be the case next year for MPR news on Katie Reardon.

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds says her States suffered losses of nearly four billion dollars from Monday's unusual storm. The derecho swept across the state with hurricane-force winds gusts, exceeding a hundred miles per hour. It destroyed or damaged thousands of homes in 13 million acres of corn about a third of the state's cropland. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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