NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-17-2020 10AM ET

NPR News: 08-17-2020 10AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman. The Trump Administration is going to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling for the first time or earlier the Wall Street Journal reported the interior secretary would approve and oil drilling program and make it hard for Democrats to change it back if they win the White House in November stocks began the week on a mixed know with the Dow Jones Industrials falling in early trading NPR Scott Horsley reports. The S&P 500. Index is closing in on an all time high stocks in Europe and Asia were mostly up overnight except in Japan. The Nikkei average fell eight tenths of a percent After Japan reported a sharp contraction of its economy in the second quarter Iowa's governor was requesting you leave for billion dollars in federal aid to help cover losses from the deadly and destructive the Rachel wind storm that struck a week ago. Most of that money would help with crop losses about a third of Iowa is Farmland has affected along with thousands of homes and businesses and it'll eat the first

Cruise ships that sail this weekend from the port of Genoa since that country's lockdown 5 months ago. It's a seven-night trip around the Western Mediterranean Scott Horsley. NPR News, Washington people OC is calling her chamber back into session to vote on a bill involving the US Postal Service. The legislation would prevent any operational or service changes from taking effect until January 1st and fears Kelsey snow says this follows reports of mailboxes and mail sorting equipment being removed Congress was scheduled to be in recess until early September, but Pelosi told them the legislation must be passed now to protect the daily operations the postal service and ballot access amid, the coronavirus pandemic the timing means the house will vote on the legislation's the same week as Democrats hold their political convention to formally nominated Joe by another candidate for president. Meanwhile us Postmaster General Louis to Joy has been asked to testify before an emergency session of a

House panel and unusual Democratic National Convention kicks off today originally it was supposed to be held in Milwaukee and beers off Mahalo reports. It will now be mostly virtual. This convention will look unlike any other it's a made-for-tv event. That'll be a mix of speeches and pre-recorded segments. But no massive crowd. The Democrats are focused this week on highlighting Howard, Joe Biden presidency would offer a clear contrast and Leadership with President Trump tonight. There'll be a wide range of speakers including former First Lady Michelle Obama, Vermont, Senator Bernie Sanders and former, Ohio governor, John Kasich a republican in his presence speaks to the fact that bite in a stitching together and unusual Coalition voters not necessarily United by policy singular commonality. They want to make sure Donald Trump doesn't have another four years Khalid NPR news. You're listening to NPR news.

Zimbabwe's Catholic Bishops have written a letter expressing concern over crises in the country including corruption and human rights abuses the government has lashed out against the Bishops ish my phone to car reports from Harare information one condemned what she called the latest evil message. She directed most of the insult at a church Bishop Robert in the oval the president of the Bishops conference for code leading a cautery of Bishops along the wrong part and code. The Archbishop is a member of the group thousands of whom were measured by the army during post-independence Strife in the early 1980s numerous church and human rights organizations have expressed it the Bishops and called on the government to apologize for NPR news. I am a Smurf room decor in her.

Puerto Rico is lost her primary election. One of us has had been put in the job last year by the US Territory Supreme Court. She was running in her own. Right but the office was defeated by the former Puerto Rican representative to congress. Pierre Pierre. Luisi. The National Weather Service is warning of excessive heat in the west warnings are posted from northern Washington State down to the Arizona border with Mexico temperatures in those areas could soar. Well past 100 degrees that what happened yesterday in Death Valley, California, the temperature got to 130 degrees on square of a Coleman NPR news.
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