NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-18-2020 8AM ET

NPR News: 08-18-2020 8AM ET

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Line from NPR news on Korva Coleman the Democratic National Convention kicked off last night with high-profile speakers and BR Scott detrow reports that included Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speaking from Burlington Vermont Sanders late at the states of the presidential race in Blunt terms of preserving our democracy during this president's term. The unthinkable has become normal. He has tried to prevent people from voting on The Mind the US Postal Service deploy, the military and federal agents against peaceful protesters Sanders make a progressive case for Joe Biden who he opposed in the Democratic Primary in campaign for Sanders pointed divided into climate change for a $50 minimum wage and expanded Paid Family Leave among other policies Scott Detro NPR news former First Lady Michelle Obama also spoke saying President Trump. He's in over his head.

Trump responded today on Twitter repeating a conspiracy theory the Obama Administration committed treason by spying on his campaign. There's no evidence of that Postmaster General Lewis to Joy has agreed to testify next week to a house committee looking at Fresh service delays in the postal system lawmakers are worried about people's checks in medication being late. President Trump is trying to walk back a statement that he would delay post office funding to limit people who want to vote by mail and they are Pam fessler says states are trying to explain their vote by mail rules Most states a an absentee ballot has to be received by election day in order to count. What about a team account your ballot as long as it's postmarked by election day and those ballots usually also have to be received within a few days of the election to count all the California will count ballots received up to 17 days after the election NPR's Pam fessler reporting the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has reversed itself.

I will now pivot to all online instruction. It had been one of the largest campuses with in-person teaching and pears Elissa nadworny reports classes have been underway for only a week. The move comes after the school reported for Coronavirus clusters. According to the university. There are 177 students in isolation and about 350 in quarantine. The Clusters were in housing both on campus and off and in a fraternity house. The school says it's working to reduce on campus housing letting students out of contracts without penalty. This is not by any means a surprise for a lot of Faculty members campus workers students in a junior at UNC all over the country colleges are watching what's happening at Chapel Hill as they themselves begin to bring Sims back Phyllis Mad Money NPR news.

The National Weather Service is again warning of excessive heat in the west today. The service has posted heat advisories and warnings from northern Idaho down to Arizona temperatures could rise to near 100° again today in Billings. Montana California's governor is calling for an investigation into rolling power blackouts that have occurred am in the states ongoing record Heat Wave remember station KQED Shannon Lynn Reports. Most of the state is again under an excessive heat warning the California independent system operator director utilities across the state to carry out rotating outages on Friday and Saturday evenings citing a shortage of reserved power generating capacity in Northern California an estimated 220000 customers lost power postknight Governor Gavin Newsom called the blackout quote unacceptable for the weather events and let me just make this Crystal Clear we fail

Predicting plan these shortages and that's simply unacceptable additional rolling outages might affect over 3 million households and businesses Monday and Tuesday evening for NPR news. I'm Shannon Lynn in San Francisco Piers to be an attempted military Mutiny in the West African nation of Mali soldiers have started to detain senior military officials. This comes as civilians and Molly have been protesting for 2 months demanding that the president of Mali step down. It's not clear if the soldiers actions and those of the protesters are linked on Korva Coleman NPR news.
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