NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-18-2020 10AM ET

NPR News: 08-18-2020 10AM ET

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Line from NPR news on Korva Coleman stocks open modestly higher this morning has the Commerce Department reported a bigger-than-expected jump in home building and PR Scott Horsley reports since the Dow Jones Industrial Average has now fallen about 30 points housing starts job more than 22% in July building on gains in May and June after a sharp drop in the early months the pandemic the building boom looks set to continue with applications for a new building permits also up nearly 19% in July, the National Association of homebuilders said this week Builders confidence. Is it a record-high thanks to strong demand for housing and rock-bottom interest rates with unemployment still in double-digits those some homeowners are having trouble keeping up with her house payment nearly 16% of borrowers with FHA mortgages are behind on their loan. That's the highest delinquency rate since the late 1970s Scott Horsley NPR News, Washington National Convention got underway online last night.

Note speaker was former First Lady Michelle Obama. She criticized President Trump as someone not fit for the presidency. You simply cannot fake your way through this job. As I've said before being president doesn't change who you are it reveals who you are President Trump responded with criticism of his own today on Twitter. He repeated a conspiracy theory that the Obama Administration allegedly committed treason by spying on his campaign that is Fault 100 years ago today Tennessee became the 36th and final State needed to ratify the 19th Amendment which secured for women the right to vote as NPR's Melissa Block report many Centennial celebrations have been postponed or pushed online because of the pandemic suffrage Centennial parades, not this year that you might still find a car parade to Mark the anniversary today the u.s. Mint starts issuing a women's suffrage centeno.

Silver dollar it depicts 3 suffragists on the phrase of votes for women on the front of a Ballot Box starting Saturday. The US Postal Service will issue a 19th Amendment stamp showing a parade of suffragists in white marching with banners while the Nineteenth Amendment promised women the right to vote many women of color would continue to be excluded from that promise for decades Melissa Block NPR news. Meanwhile President Trump has announced that he will pardon women's rights and anti-slavery activists Susan B Anthony the co-founder of the national woman's suffrage association was arrested in 1872 for voting Anthony and violated laws. That only allowed men to cast ballots.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is now down about 28 points. 27816 the NASDAQ use up 41 points at 11171. It's in VR.

The US Postmaster General Louis to Joy will testify before senate committee on Friday. He's already agreed to testify before a house committee. Next week lawmakers are questioning his changes to the US Postal Service. This includes reports of delayed mail, including benefit checks and medication President Trump is trying to walk back comments. He made last week about the lane funding to the US Postal Service. He said he wanted fewer people to vote by mail Democratic lawmakers and Virginia are pushing for changes to policing practices their meeting in a special legislative session starting today in Paevey. Remember station BPM in Richmond reports. Republicans are objecting, Virginia Democrats have proposed over two dozen pieces of Criminal Justice Reform that includes a ban on choke holds a Nintendo knock warrants Republicans argue. Some of the changes could endanger law enforcement but Democratic state senator, Scott surovell says protest made it clear people want big changes to policing.

Want to see it urgently and not more studies or talk or tinkering. They want to see real structural change senior black senator faces two felony charges for allegedly helping to topple a Confederate statue in June Democrats who control the state senate by a single vote question the timing of the charges an ounce less than a day ahead of the session NPR news. I've been paviour in Richmond near appears to be an attempted military Mutiny in the West African nation of Mali soldiers have detained seniors military officials were the Coleman NPR news.
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