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NPR News: 08-19-2020 11AM ET

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My from NPR news on Korva Coleman. Joe Biden is now the official 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee. NPR Scott detrow says the nomination at the Democratic National Convention occurred on Tuesday night in the middle of a unique presidential election. Joe Biden was officially nominated for president in a unique way instead of the typical packed Arena floor Democratic delegates appeared remotely from all 57 states and territories to cast ballots for Joe Biden. He's not the official Democratic nominee for president tonight, California, Senator. Kamala. Harris will accept the nomination for vice president NPR Scott detrow reporting. The FBI has joined fleas in Portland, Oregon to investigate a former Navy SEAL law enforcement allege. The person who has been protesting in the city was observed leaving a park this month were at least two explosive devices detonated Oregon public broadcasting is Conrad Wilson reports the small explosive devices detonated in a Portland Park early on

No one was injured but a former US Navy Seal in CIA contractor was Phil near the scene with night vision goggles and a military style helmet law enforcement officials have confirmed that person is Lewis Garrett fernbach, but they say no eyewitnesses have come forward connecting firm by to the immediate scene from bass boosted on social media about infiltrating and tithi and is criticized Portland ongoing protests. He told a news organization taskandpurpose that he did not throw the devices book in the front. She was there at conducting quote reconnaissance protesters in the park that night say they turned one of the unexploded devices over to the FBI for NPR news. I'm coming to Glisan in Portland. There are major Wildfire spreading in California two of them are now complex incidents. They only ignited yesterday and each has already scored more than 50 square miles. The lnu lightening complex fire is burning north of the San Francisco Bay in Napa and Sonoma counties the SCU lightening complex fire use

Some counties in central California evacuations have been called for both wildfires in Israel a new deal to establish ties with the United Arab Emirates is sparking controversy over whether the US will sell advanced war planes to the UAE and peers Daniel Estrin reports from Jerusalem Israeli media claim prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave tacit approval for the US to sell F-35 Jets to the United Arab Emirates is part of the deal Israeli security officials opposed the UAE acquiring these advanced war plane because it could have rode Israel's military superiority in the Middle East Netanyahu says, he repeatedly told the US he opposes the sale of the Jets to the emiratis disagreement over the war planes could stall the signing of the UAE Israel agreement, which President Trump calls I historic breakthrough Daniel Estrin NPR news Jerusalem 82 points. This is NPR news.

Unionized teachers in Detroit are voting today on whether to take a safety strike. The union says Detroit public schools are not ready to reopen safely in the midst of the pandemic. They're demanding that the school district to let teachers choose whether to be in classrooms or work on line three cities in California and other groups are suing the Trump Administration. They're asking a federal judge to extend the time left for counting for the 2020 census and PR Salon Cielo long reports the administration's decision to cut short that time increases the risk that people of color immigrants and other historically undercounted people will be left out. The Census Bureau says, it's ending all counting for the 2020 census on September 30th, because it's delivered to the president by the end of this year Los Angeles City attorney. Mike feuer is part of a federal lawsuit to try to get counting extended through the end of October 8th decision. This month is almost certain to assure.

A severe undercount which by the way violates the Constitution setting NPR's reporting the group's lawsuit argues that cutting short counting goes against the Constitution every person living in the country. I'll do the one in New York a massive industrial fire is burning at a factory in a suburb of Dallas Texas the company poly-america makes Plastic Products local news reports. Say the blaze began when a powerline collapsed onto a storage area that was holding plastic sheeting. No one has been hurt but fire officials say it may take a couple days to put this out.

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