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NPR News: 08-20-2020 2AM ET

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Line from NPR news on Shea Stephens a major theme during the third night of the Democratic National Convention was getting out the vote in November in her acceptance speech as the party's nominee for vice president, The hair is called the upcoming election a chance to change the course of history research voters to fight with conviction hope and confidence and a commitment to the nation's ideas and NPR's Franco Ordonez reports former President Obama took the unusual step of lobbying personal criticism at a sitting president. It was very unusual and Not only was it unusual for for Obama to do it was it was something that many Democrats many many members of the the party supporters had been longing for so long for Obama want to get involved and he really delivered on their account and Tiaras Franco Ordonez the union representing to your teachers is threatening to Sue or possibly strike at the city fails to meet

Commands for safely reopening schools as Jessica Gould reports for member station WNYC in place. That's why the union is ramping up pressure on City Hall including a call for mandatory antibody or covid-19 tests for students and staff before schools open. The union President says members are prepared to strike or sue if those demands aren't met but an education department spokesperson accuses the union of fear-mongering saying the city has a very cautious plan to offer a mix of in person and online learning New York City is the only big city school district planning to open its buildings to students on the first day classes are scheduled to begin September 10th for NPR news. I'm Jessica Gould in New York a former FBI attorney has pleaded guilty to altering a document involving the surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter page two tails from NPR's Carrie Johnson attorney.

Good phase 0 to 6 months in prison on the false statements charge the former FBI lawyer said he added words and a document in 2017 client Smith said he rode Carter page was quote. Not a source for the CIA the time. He said he thought his words were accurate his lawyer says clinesmith deeply regrets the move President Trump his side of the case to argue the whole investigation in his campaigns ties to Russia with hoax but the bipartisan Senate intelligence committee found Russia interfere to help from 4 years ago clinesmith will be sentenced December 10th. Johnson NPR News, Washington a Russian opposition figures hospitalized in critical condition after being poisoned a spokeswoman for Alexei navalny became says an effective only became sick aboard a flight from the Siberian city of tomsk to Moscow. She tweeted that the plane made an emergency landing in arms where Alexei was placed on a ventilator. This is NPR.

Tell your manufacturer good to use clarifying its policy on fillico remarks in the workplace. The ohio-based Firm says employees have been asked to refrain from expressing support for political campaigns parties or candidates Goodyear says workers are also urged to keep views that fall outside of the scope of racial Justice and Equity to themselves. The clarification comes after President Trump urge people not to buy Goodyear Tires accusing the company of banning Maga hats Louisiana's governor. John Bel Edwards has unveiled a plan to make his day carbon-neutral by the year 2050 as wwno Keegan wendland report edwards's 25th Democratic governor promising do emissions reductions that have been laid out in the 2015 Paris climate Accords and was issued executive orders creating a climate initiative task force and a new position of Chief resilience officer. The task force will recommend Pathways for reducing and capturing carbon emission like restoring wetlands and invest.

And solar and wind energy Edward says Louisiana feels a disproportionate impact from climate change Rising Seas bigger storms heavy rain and extreme heat the problem of water management Coastal erosion many other states are going to have these problems later on and oil and gas producer for NPR news on Siegen winsland.

On stock markets in Asia Shares are lower US futures are also down in pre-market trading on J Stevens. This is NPR news.
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