NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-20-2020 3AM ET

NPR News: 08-20-2020 3AM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens on day three of their virtual Nam National Convention Democrat stress the urgency of making sure that people vote in November as NPR's on College report. It was one of the main messages of the night. It was a message Democrats hit again. And again the former President Barack Obama told Democrats. You've got to make a plan to vote right now. He insisted Republicans are banking on cynicism trying to convince would be Democrats at their votes don't matter and the 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gave a nod to her own defeat for 4 years. People have told me I didn't realize how dangerous he was. I wish I could do it all over or worst. I should have voted.

Look, this can't be another Woulda Coulda Shoulda election. It was a similar message from Biden's running mate, Harris who said years from now our grandchildren will ask. What did you do when the stakes were So High by Khalid NPR news for the followers of a conspiracy theory known as qanon saying they love America and paresthesia Ralston reports that Trump recently congratulated Republican candidate who back qanon him a lot and he appreciates that Fury alleges that Trump is working to save the world from a secret satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals if I can help save the world from problems. I'm willing to do it.

Yeah, I called it a potential domestic terrorism threat Ayesha Rascoe NPR news. Facebook says it will no longer recommend that users join groups supporting qanon, but made no mention of banning the cancer conspiracy theory movement White House economic advisor. Larry Kudlow has indicated that he's not worried about a second wave. The coronavirus infection has this fall Kudlow says the US economy is recovering from the pandemic and will likely surge if the number of covid-19 cases and fatalities decline this point with inventories at rock bottom and all kinds of consumer and all of the man's Rising. I think you got a self-sustaining recovery remains somewhat slower Pace age should reach laid off workers in the next week or two. He says a payroll tax cut but she has two mates will amount to about $1,100 for each.

Worker over four months will also provide stimulus for the economy. But those says details of the payroll tax cut are still being worked out. This is NPR news.

Russian opposition politician Alexei navalny is hospitalized in grave condition after getting sick aboard a flight back to Moscow from Siberia a spokeswoman says no Vale felt ill after drinking tea his supporters suspect was poisoned. He says the plane made an emergency landing in the city of opsec and that navalny was placed on a ventilator. The bombing has set up a network of campaign office is across Russia to put forward opposition candidates in Regional elections challenging members of the ruling party. Apple has become the first US company to hit 1 trillion dollars in market value and PR Shannon Vons reports that the tech companies value has surged on the back of the success of the iPhone 2 years ago Apple became the first private sector company in the US worth 1 trillion dollars now its market value has doubled the Sox games have come since late March showing just how much the coronavirus pandemic has boosted The Fortunes of big tech companies that people rely on technology.

For work school and entertainment, even though Apple had to shut down stores and whether supply chain disruptions during the pandemic its sales have seen a significant increased. Lots of people are buying iPhone 5 have been a computer and paying for services at the streaming music and TV The Soaring value of apple and other Tech Giants push the S&P 500 Index to a new record Tuesday Shannon bonds NPR News San Francisco on stock markets in Asia Shares are lower down around 1% US futures are also lower in pre-market trading. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news.
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