NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-20-2020 6AM ET

NPR News: 08-20-2020 6AM ET

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My from NPR news, I'm Korva Coleman California. Senator. Kamala. Harris has become the first woman of color to win nomination as vice president on a major parties ticket. She has other Democrats use their keynote convention speeches last night to stress that people must get out to vote this year and beers awesome home with reports. It was a message Democrats hit again. And again former President Barack Obama told Democrats. You've got to make a plan to vote right now. He insisted Republicans are banking on cynicism trying to convince would be Democrats at their votes don't matter and the 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gave a nod to her own defeat for 4 years. People have told me I didn't realize how dangerous he was. I wish I could do it all over forward. I should have voted.

Look, this can't be another Woulda Coulda Shoulda election. It was a similar message from Biden's running mate, Harris who said years from now our grandchildren will ask. What did you do when the stakes are So High by Khalid NPR news firefighters in Northern California are babbling about 20 major wildfires that probably started from thousands of lightning strikes this week huge fire complexes North of San Francisco and in central California are threatening thousands of homes in Santa Cruz to see the you fire is forcing thousands of evacuations. Remember station KQED IDT, Fontella Moody reports in the past, but on Wednesday morning as she went out to her car to get to work at a local cafe. She saw her car covered in Ash. This is the first time that I've been like anxious like go to work and kind of want to leave cuz I need to go get my cat and like my stuff from my

Parents house. So intense and has already taken over more than 25,000 acres in South San Mateo and North Santa Cruz counties and it's expected to grow over the next few days as winds pick up and humidity drops for NPR news on Odyssey bundle moody in Santa Cruz state of Michigan will pay six hundred million dollars to families in the city of Flint who were affected by the city's Water Crisis in 2014 Flint switch the source of its City water and that change caused the new water to Leach lead out of a jinx City pipes, Michigan State officials insisted that the time the water was safe. Even after Flint residents reported serious health problems such as children with excessively high lead levels Flint Mayor Sheldon, Neeley says, the settlement is an important step bringing these things to a close that allows Flint residents to move forward in a positive way of getting out of the mindset of being victim.

But more of that Victor's the majority of the money is supposed to go to children affected by the leaded water. You're listening to NPR news.

Russian opposition leader Alexei navalny is hospitalized in very serious condition in a hospital in Siberia. Nabalis Associates say they fear he's been poisoned of Olney is challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin for years Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo will tell the UN Security Council the US will pursue a snapback of United Nations sanctions against Iran hillsite the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. When did Priscilla reports the Trump Administration withdrew from that deal in 2018 Secretary of State security Council Members to support the US plan to reinstate un sanctions on Iran a process referred to as a snapback under the Iran nuclear agreement attorney all signatories to the Accord have questioned by the US can pursue such a move since it pulled out of the agreement the US however disputes this reasoning mean while Europe has a

Accused your honor of breaching the deal major classes in the security Council some fear could further threaten its credibility action over snap back until after the US elections for NPR news in New York. Rocky present minute or rather prime minister moustapha akkad. He he is visiting the President Trump at the White House today, the two are expected to discuss the snap back sanctions on a run. They may also talked about the drawdown of US troops in Iraq.

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