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NPR News: 08-20-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman President Trump's former Chief strategist Steve Bannon has been arrested on federal charges in New York as NPR's Ryan Lucas report abandoned and three others are accused of defrauding donors in an online fundraising campaign. According to a Federal indictment unsealed in Manhattan Bandon as well as Brian kolfage and two other men defraud hundreds of thousands of people who donated to the we build the wall fundraising campaign, the defendants told donors that the 25 million dollars raised would be used to build a wall on the defendant's would not be paid from the funds raised the prosecutor say that was false and I could have been received hundreds of thousands of dollars. All four men have been arrested Bannon is expected to make his initial court appearance in Manhattan later today by and Lucas NPR News Washington Tonight is the last night of the online Democratic National Convention. Joe. Biden is going to accept the party's presidential nomination, Senator Kamala Harris accepted the vice presidential nomination last evening social.

Media site Facebook is cracking down on armed groups on the left. And right the company says it's taking down thousands of accounts that were using the platform to organize or celebrate violence and puritanical and reports The qanon Conspiracy Theory took center stage in Facebook's action thousands of Facebook and Instagram accounts were restricted or removed because it links to the bogus idea that President Trump is waging a secret war against the Deep state but other forms of extremism also landed in Facebook's crosshairs with an hours of the announcement groups tied to the far-right militia movement in several States all their Pages disappear on the other end of the political Spectrum several militant anti-fascist groups. Also were targeted and a statement Facebook says it isn't introducing a blanket ban on those ideologies that is going after groups that pose quote significant risks to Public Safety and I'll M NPR news Facebook is a financial supporter of NPR California. Governor, Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency hundreds of wildfire started just this week or triggered like thousands of

Lightning strikes about 20 major fires are burning chest in Northern California from Member station. KQED Oddity buns. Low Moody has more about 590 firefighters are tackling the CZ you fire just one of 20 major fires and 300 smaller fires across the state Cecile Juliette is with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. She says the pandemic hasn't changed the way firefighters are doing their job, but it has changed their evacuation procedures. It has created a bit of a problem for evacuees. You know, the Red Cross now can't put them all in one big gymnasium, you know that they have to get hotel rooms. And so that it just adds another layer over 20,000 people from San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties have been evacuated from the area for NPR news. I'm moody in Santa Cruz you're listening to NPR news.

The labor department has released its weekly report on unemployment claims. The agency says 1.1 million Americans sought benefits for the first time last week. That's an increase of 135,000 claims a higher number than economist's were expecting North Korea's leadership has admitted that it has failed to meet targets set out and its main economic blueprint and Piers Anthony Q and reports from Soul that the ruling Workers Party will put together a new plan next year and give it another try statement frankly admitted that the goals in their five-year economic plan remain on met and North Koreans living standards. If not improved much leader. Kim jong-un's at the shortfalls were due to inevitable challenges without mentioning International sanctions on the North the statement also made no mention of stalled nuclear diplomacy with the US the workers party will draft a new Five-Year Plan at a congress next January by which

And they should have a clearer picture of what administration will be dealing with in Washington Anthony tune in PR news. Soul Russian opposition leader. Alexei navalny has been hospitalized in Siberia after suddenly falling ill his supporters believe he may have been poisoned. I've only is in intensive care and on a ventilator. He's a long time for litical opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was attacked three years ago when someone threw disinfectant into navalny's phased damaging one of his eyes, I got on Wall Street. The Dow is now down 35 points on Korva Coleman NPR news.
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