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NPR News: 08-21-2020 1AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens former Vice President, Joe Biden has accepted the Democratic party's nomination for president with a somber speech and PR stand for Keith reports of the night ended with fireworks and mostly empty room by delivered a speech that had the feel of an oval office address. He pledged to tackle coronavirus immediately if elected and was cutting in his criticism of President Trump's handling of the pandemic our current president's fail.

In his most basic duty to the nation. He's failed to protect us. He's failed to protect America.

And my fellow Americans that is unforgivable after the speech was over biting and his running mate Kamala Harris and their spouses all wearing masks went out to a parking lot where supporters had gathered in their cars for us socially distant Drive in Raleigh fireworks brightens the sky Tamara Keith NPR news President Trump held a rally near Scranton, Pennsylvania. We're buying was born and Tiaras Franco Ordonez reports that Trump accuse fighting of the bad ending the state to visit is part of a five-state swing of trips by the president to draw attention away from the Democratic National Convention. Biden was 10 years old when his family moved to Delaware, but according to Trump he left here for a short. Of time and he didn't even know it and today it's amazing. It goes around in a circle. He's still doesn't know. Pennsylvania is a traditional democratic stronghold, but Trump narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton there.

2016 most polls show Trump and Biden neck-and-neck in the state Franco Ordonez. NPR news President Trump is asking the Supreme Court to allow him to block critics from his personal Twitter account. The administration claims. The account is Trump's personal property in a 2019 ruling a federal appeals court disagreed but has formally notified the United Nations of its demand that all International sanctions against Iran be restored Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo says the US retains the right despite his withdrawal from the multinational nuclear deal with Iran President Trump in this Administration have discarded the fiction that the regime merely seeks a peaceful nuclear program. We will never allow this lump Republic of Iran to have a nuclear weapon Ron's permanent representative to the UN majit chakra Vinci calls the US demands abusive and illegal.

The process in which is for a visit London international law Russia and other members of the UN Security Council agree about the US expanding its arms embargo against Iran which is set to expire in mid-october. This is NPR news.

University of California Santa Cruz has ordered mandatory evacuations of students and staff is Jasmine's wildfires continue to read across Northern California. The blazes have claimed at least three lives and are threatening thousands of homes more than two. Dozen state parks are fully or partially closed the Kansas City Chiefs headband Native American headdresses and face paint, but Greg Eklund reports that the team has no plans to change their controversial name the same week. They decided to limit fans for 22% of Arrowhead Stadium's capacity for their season opener while the team has banned native american-themed headdresses and face painting the chief say in a statement that the arrowhead chop is still under review. It's similar to chopping gestures used at home games for baseball Atlanta Braves and college football's Florida State Seminoles. Also to be determined is the use of the war drum which invite

Celebrities beat on before the opening kickoff for NPR news. I'm Greg Eklund. The state of Michigan is agreed to pay $600 to compensate Flint residents sickened by aled tainted drinking water a state-appointed city manager switch the water source for Flint in 2014 from Detroit to a local River because it was cheaper. The new water source was improperly treated allowing lead from corroded pipes to leak into homes. Most of the settlement money is supposed to go to children who can suffer damage to the brain and nervous system if poisoned by lead, this is NPR.
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