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NPR News: 08-21-2020 4AM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden used his acceptance speech last night to talk about the need for whole Community has President Trump has cloak the nation and anger fear and division for far too long by dances. The Next Generation deserves to experience the nation's full promise difficult moments America's ever faced.

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Perfect Storm the worst pandemic in over a hundred years the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression the most compelling call for racial Justice since the 60s and the undeniably realities and just accelerating threats of climate change elected Hill deployed National strategy for combating the coronavirus pandemic on his first day in office. The tales of next week's Republican party convention are starting to emerge as NPR's Tamara Keith reports President. Trump will make appearances each night of the event Trump's acceptance speech doesn't come until next Thursday, but he'll have a role each night according to a campaign official on one night of the convention Trump will show his support for Frontline workers. The theme of the convention is honoring the Great American story and the Trump campaign is promising hope and patriotism mixed with warnings about the dangers of socialism in addition to appearances by vice president.

It's in the first lady. There will be speeches from people who have benefited from Trump Administration policies and people who have gone viral in right-wing corners of the internet including the couple from St. Louis who brandished guns as black lives matter protesters March near their home Tamara Keith NPR news former Trump guilty to federal charges of defraud people who donated money for southern border wall prosecutor say most of the 25 million dollars raised for the project was used for personal expenses for Bandon and three co-defendants. The Trump Administration is formally demanding that all International sanctions against the Ron be restored Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo says the US retains the right despite its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement President Trump in this Administration have discarded the fiction that the regime merely seeks a peaceful nuclear program. We will never allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to have a nuclear weapon.

Aaron's permanent representative to the UN, but she talked ravaughn she calls the US demands abusive and illegal the US move the process in which is for him under international law Britain, France Germany and Russian agree. You're listening to NPR news.

At least five deaths are now being blamed on wildfires in Northern California at least two people have reported missing dozens of places are still threatening tens of thousands of homes Governor Gavin Newsom calls the situation clear evidence of climate change at least 50 Christian pastors are asking Liberty University to permanent replace Jerry Falwell Jr. As the school's president and Chancellor is NPR Sarah McCammon reports folwell is on indefinite leave of absence after a series of high-profile scandals. The letter to Liberty University's Board of Trustees is signed by dozens of alumni who have gone on to become church leaders. They describe what they see as a pattern of inappropriate and embarrassing behavior for a Christian leader and call on the board to replace Falwell with quote a leader whose life is characterized by integrity and character weather personal are public Falwell is a high-profile supporter of President Trump and is in the center of multiple controversies in recent years. He recently agreed to an indefinite leave after

Leafly posting a vacation photo online that showed him and a young woman with their pants on so he later apologized and said the photo was taken in good fun at a costume party Sarah McCammon NPR news General Louis dejoy is set to appear before Senate panel today to answer questions about his operational changes critics. I cut back and Postal Services have called mail delays and a possible threat to mail-in voting similar house hearing is planned for Monday house Democrats could vote Saturday on a measure to restore drop boxes and sorting machines reported missing at post offices across the country on Jay Stevens. This is NPR.
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