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NPR News: 08-21-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Korva Coleman. Joe Biden has accepted the Democratic party's nomination for president in his acceptance. Speech Thursday evening Biden framed. This Fall's election as an existential moment for the country and beer Scott detrow reports from Wilmington at the beginning of his speech. Biden said the election boils down to a choice between as he puts it Darkness and Light fighting about to be a president for all Americans not just his base of supporters thousand in the United States and infected Millions more our current president's fail.

In his most basic duty to the nation, he's failed to protect us. He's failed to protect America Biden promise to ramp up testing if he's elected into increase resources for school struggling to make both virtual and in-person learning work right now President Trump will accept his renomination next week during the Republican convention Scott Detro. NPR news Wilmington President. Trump isn't waiting for next week's GOP convention to criticize Biden He travel to buy his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Thursday. He claimed that Biden has abandoned blue collar workers. Joe Biden is the candidate of these privileged.

Liberal Hypocrites who hold you and your values into staying but you can send them all the Thundering message on Election Day Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by fewer than 50,000 volts Postmaster General Louis dejoy will testify before senate committee today about his controversial changes to the US Postal Service. NPR's miles Parts reports a Democrat or not happy with the joys announcement this week that he would put those changes on hold house Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the gioi statement. Holy insufficient and misleading she and other Democrats want to join not only to stop the cost-cutting steps that have delayed mail. You reverse the changes that have already been made. Some lawmakers will just be looking to Joy for more specifics about his plans since most of the details up to this point. I come from news reports and postal workers unions former deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman the Postal Service Company its stakeholders.

The American people. So in this position you owe it to the American people to be very clear and very transparent miles Parks NPR News Washington Russian opposition leader Alexei navalny remains in intensive care and a Siberian hospital. His organization is trying to transfer him to a hospital in Germany for treatment Russian doctors treating development refused. They say he's too ill to be moved the Bounty supporters say that he fell ill yesterday after drinking a cup of poison T doctor say there's no evidence of this, but they have not disclosed his ailment. You're listening to NPR.

President Trump's former White House adviser Steve Bannon has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of fraud. He was arrested in New York and released on a $5000000 bail package Federal prosecutors allege Bannon and three other defendants swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who have contributed about 25 million dollars toward construction of the US Southern border wall more than 20 large wildfires are burning in parts of California thousands of people have been evacuated including from the campus of the University of California Santa Cruz remember station Kazu in the Monterey Bay Area Erica. Mahoney has more the campus is situated in a beautiful Redwood forest on the north side of the Monterey Bay school buildings are surrounded by The Majestic trees Meadows, welcome students at the entrance, but it's a type of setting prone to Rapid Wildfire spread University spokesperson, Scott Hernandez, Jason.

I think we recognize how quickly they can move how aggressive they can be to relocate when the fires broke out Sunday about 1,200 students and employees for living on campus today fewer than 200. The school has set up an evacuation Center specifically for display students for NPR news. I'm Erika Mahoney in Monterey. The national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning for parts of California and Nevada and Arizona the Mercury could rise to about 110 degrees today in some areas. I Korva Coleman NPR news.
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