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NPR News: 08-21-2020 8AM ET

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Line from NPR news on Korva Coleman Joe Biden has accepted the Democratic party's nomination for president and the ARs Mara liasson report in his acceptance speech by made a promise to unite Americans Biden speech was optimistic about the future describing Americans in the same words that have been used all week to describe him good and decent ready to accomplish great things by working together. He said he would heal reform and unite the country here. And now I give you my word if you entrust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us not the worst fight and stayed away from the slashing attacks on Trump that other Democrats have delivered but he did attack the president for failing to protect America. He said this would be a life-changing election. He promised to deal with for simultaneous crises of pandemic a recession to calls for racial Justice and climate change Mara. Liasson NPR news Postmaster General Louis to Joy will speak to a senate committee today.

Where is Windsor Johnston says lawmakers want to know about recent changes implemented at the US Postal Service and how they could affect November's presidential election on Tuesday temporarily suspended a series of cost saving measures at the agency including cutbacks and overtime. The lawmakers still have questions about whether to Joy and major GOP donor is working with the Trump Administration to deliberately undermine the Postal Service as It prepares for a big influx of mail-in ballots in November Trump has repeatedly claimed without evidence that voting by mail will lead to fraud Center Johnston reporting. The joy is to appear before a house panel next week Alexei navalny Russian opposition leader whom supporters say was poisoned. He's being denied the chance to seek medical treatment in Europe as NPR's Lucy and Kim reports from Moscow doctors saint of all these condition is not good enough for him to fly.

Alexei navalny is a Kremlin critic whose anti-corruption investigations have targeted some of Russia's most powerful men on Thursday German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered him medical treatment in Germany after navalny fell into a coma while on a trip to Siberia navalny wife usually has his doctors in tomsk Siberia denied permission at the last minute for him to be flown out to Europe.

Speaking to reporters. She said doctors are stalling. So the toxins in her husband's body break down and any clues of a crime will be lost. The Russian Hospital insist that no poison has been found Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow California officials say at least five people have been killed this week because of the State's new wildfires. Some incidents are now considered complex fires with several Blaze is burning close to each other one complex fire North of San Francisco is burn more than 335 square miles and other in central California has burned 250 square miles.

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The National Hurricane Center is tracking to Tropical depressions in the Atlantic Ocean. Both are moving West and may enter the Gulf of Mexico next week as hurricane. There's cause for concern along the US Gulf Coast forecasters estimate. It's possible both storms could make landfall in the US by the middle of next week around says the US has no standing to demand the return of un sanctions against Iran NPR's Peter Kenyon reports. They run says Washington lost that right when President Trump pulled out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement foreign minister Mohammad Javad zarif to the Ministries website Friday that the US withdrawal not only ended Washington's ability to participate in the agreement but violated the UN resolution prohibiting any signatory from quot damaging the Accord Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is seeking the return of the sanctions over the objections of Russia China and European countries who described the move as a legal pompeo's latest move came nearly a week after

Do you want Security Council rejected an American bid to extend the UN arms embargo against the Run Beyond mid-october when it's due to expire faster to the UN said the US was quote acting like a child Peter Kenyon. NPR news is Dan Bull ride hailing companies Uber and Lyft say they'll keep operating in California for now. A judge has given them a temporary reprieve from an earlier ruling that ordered both companies to classify their drivers not as contractors, but as employees with the right to benefits both Uber and Lyft say this will make it impossible to continue doing business in California.

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