NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-22-2020 6AM ET

NPR News: 08-22-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR Saint Giles Snyder the comatose Russian dissident Alexei navalny is in Germany his flight to board a medical plane landed in Berlin. Today. We're doctors will attend to it as NPR's Rob schmitt's reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Siberia, when he suddenly fell Gravely ill his supporters suspect. He was poisoned after initially agreeing that he was poison doctors in the Siberian town of on Slater reverse their diagnosis insisting. There were no traces of toxins in for a day a doctor is an opsec refused to release navalny his supporters suspect. They were waiting for traces of poison to disappear from his body is in Siberia. Finally agreed on a flight to Berlin Alexei navalny has exposed corruption among the rushes leadership and it's one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's fiercest critics and political opponent.

The house preparing to vote today out additional money for the u.s. Postal Service. I'm at a public outcry over mail delays and supposed Master General Louis to Joy took over Democrats pay the extra money is needed to protect mail-in voting ahead of the November election speaker Nancy Pelosi says the postal service will be election's Central this fault as Millions turn to mail in ballots amid. The coronavirus pandemic was Houston preparing for some rough weather mayor Sylvester Turner is urging people to get tested for the coronavirus this weekend to be end up having to less a shelter in home are bunk with family members and friends are potentially go to a shelter. You really need to know you Ark Ovis status storm. Houston is preparing for a stranger than to Tropical Storm Marco last night National Hurricane Center's latest advisory puts Marco about 115 miles Southeast of Cozumel Mexico with top sustained winds of 45 miles per hour for casters also keep

Tropical storm Laurel or threatening Puerto Rico today and both could end up in the Gulf of Mexico. Roughly the same time as a report published by the CDC finds have hundreds of child care centers and Rhode Island were able to reopen without significant spread of covid-19 during tune in July. And if you're is Allison Aubrey reports respite cases were detected in 29 daycare facilities, according to the Rhode Island Department of Health, which led to the quarantine of about 850 children and staff. But in most cases there was no evidence the spread to the community CDC director. Robert Redfield says this is important evidence and not have significant secondary transmission.

Ottawa is appealing a Canadian Court ruling that struck down a key Refugee pact with the United States than carpet Chuck reports. The federal courts rule that parts of the safe Third Country agreement by like Canada's constitutional guarantee of life liberty and security under the agreement in the US recognize each other as safe places for refugees to see protection, but it also means that Canada Kim turn back asylum-seeker to try to cross the Canada u.s. Border after having already landed in the US that's led to thousands of people heading north and avoiding official Crossings Refugee Advocates have long argued that the US was not a safe country for refugees and a Canadian federal court agreed saying some of those Refugee claimants are imprisoned in the US and that's inconsistent with the spirit of the treaty and a violation of their rights, but Canada's Public Safety Minister says the agreement remains a comprehensive method for a fair orderly and compassionate Refugee protection system for NPR news. I'm done Carpenter in Toronto.

Fire Crews from 10 states are responding to California's call for help. They began arriving at hundreds of wildfires burning in the state with the most damaging in the San Francisco Bay area and the wine country fires are being blamed for killing six people and destroying hundreds of homes and unusual snowfall in southeast Australia Today snow fell in low-altitude across several States from Tasmania to New South Wales locals have been posting pictures on social media for cancer. Say in Antarctic air mass is responsible for the cold weather that's likely to continue for several days on trial Snyder NPR news.
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