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NPR News: 08-22-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Nora raum the house today approved a 25 billion dollar measure 2A the Postal Service ahead of this November's election when millions are expected to mail in their ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic the vote comes two days before Postmaster General Louis to Joy is set to face questions from a house committee NPR's Jason slavkin report. Saturday's rare session of Congress fold weeks of the Postal Service emerging as an unlikely political Flashpoint Millions more are expected to cast mail-in ballot this November due to the fact that make now suspended changes to operations by Postmaster General Louis to Joy have raised concerns of the Postal Service won't be able to handle an influx of mail-in ballots multiple statements by President Trump have also triggered fears among Democrats. The White House has promised to veto the bill and it's not expected to advance through the republican-controlled Senate Jason.

Blocking NPR News Washington, California firefighters are struggling to slow the spread of wildfires that have burned nearly 1 million acres and destroyed hundreds of homes, since they began a week ago many of the fires were sparked by lightning strikes at least six people have died and tens of thousands of residents were forced from their homes. The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning of high fire danger across the bay area and along the Central Coast beginning tomorrow morning into Monday afternoon a one-time Green Beret who also held top secret security clearance has been arrested and accused of spying for Russia NPR's Amy hail reports Peter Raphael. Zabinski. Deadman's is a US citizen from Minnesota, but Federal prosecutors say he saw himself as a son of Russia born off and married to Russian women. He traveled there extensively and beginning in the 90s prosecutors say he met secretly with Russian intelligence agents.

Feeding them information about US Army operations and his unit including Special Forces team members as well as us counterintelligence officer has information that could potentially seriously damaged National Security according to the indictment. It's a Devin's motivation as a belief that the US was too dominant in the world and needed to be cut down to size. He scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday. Anyhow, NPR news protest continue today in Belarus calling for the president to step down Alexander lukashenko claim the victory in an election two weeks ago opponents claimed it was wrecked. His main Challenger. Is that long as he can Oscar fled to neighboring Lithuania. She says she hopes the president will do the right thing power presidential with his people and it is so so he has to do his best to solve this crisis. She says the protest will continue. This is NPR news.

In Texas the search continues for the bodies of true crew members missing in the port of Corpus Christi. They're dredging vessel caught fire and sank yesterday. The Coast Guard says it had struck a submerged pipeline to other workers were also killed their bodies were recovered today Public School teachers in Oklahoma are getting access to voluntary coronavirus testing. Jesse golliher has more Department of Education and health announced the plant allowing all teachers and support staff free coronavirus testing in their areas school. Superintendent. Joy Hofmeister says that the voluntary program is an important part of a layered approach to in-person teaching meant to mitigate the risk of virus exposure and July Governor Kevin Stitt issued an executive order requiring State education and health departments to create a plan for teachers to be tested monthly the health department reported more than 51,000 covid-19 is on Friday and then

Free stuff more than 1,000 from the day before Frontier news. I'm Jessica Bolivar in Oklahoma City since it's the kids are concerned the recent delays and mail deliveries could affect census results many rural communities laugh reliable internet access and rely on the US mail to deliver the completed forms. The Census Bureau is under pressure to produce the first batch of census results by the end of the year. So the only process paper forms that are postmarked by September 30th and received by October 7th. The census results help determine how Federal money is allocated. I'm Bora raum NPR news.
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