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NPR News: 08-23-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Nora raum. The house is approve legislation to direct 25 billion dollars to the US Postal Service & PRS Claudia grisales reports. The move comes after new disruptions in service and concerns for mail-in ballots in the November election. The measure is not likely to be taken up by the republican-controlled Senate and President Trump has threatened to veto wet. But house Democrats save a bill sent a message to the Trump Administration that it must ensure the Integrity of the postal service and mail-in voting earlier this month Trump made statements raising concerns, he would try to disrupt the effort ahead of the November election. The democratic-led bill also includes Provisions the Mandate the Postal Service be returned to its delivery standards before changes were made by Postmaster General Louis dejoy that includes reactivating sorting machines and mailboxes taken offline and prioritizing ballots is first class.

Claudia grisales NPR News Washington firefighters in California are battling hundreds of wildfires that have earned nearly 1 million acres in the past week Cal Fire unit Chief Shannon Jones says the firefighters are making progress. They're reaching their limits.

It's not seen in recent history tens of thousands of people had to leave their homes hundreds of houses and other structures have burned at least six people have died scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in Atlanta are providing additional guidance for schools to prepare for possible spread of the coronavirus if they returned in person learning from Member station, w a v e Sam Whitehead reports. The CDC says school should be ready to close buildings and suspend field trips and sporting events. If someone infected with the coronavirus has been on campus agency had. Dr. Robert Redfield says the key is to prepare for different situations. Well thought-out step-by-step approach to a single case vs. Whether there's multiple cases in the same classroom, whether there's multiple cases in multiple classrooms.

Candidates guidance on preparing schools for in-person learning among its recommendations improving building ventilation systems to improve air flow and filtration for NPR news. I'm Sam Whitehead in Atlanta White House Press Secretary Kayleigh mcenany announced via Twitter Saturday night. The President Trump will be holding a news conference Sunday at 6 p.m. She said he'll announce a major therapeutic breakthrough on the coronavirus the Health and Human Services secretary and the Food and Drug and commissioner will also attend you're listening to NPR news.

To tropical storms are moving across the Caribbean tropical storm. Laura is dropping rain on Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands will tropical storm. Marco is advancing through Mexico's Yucatan, Peninsula, those storms are expected to approach Louisiana in the next few days. Those are expected to gain strength and could become hurricanes in Germany several thousand volunteers are attending pop concerts at an indoor arena for the first time since authorities band massive ends because of the pandemic SB Nicholson reports out whether there is a way to allow a large Coke from and sporting events to take place during the pandemic without pushing the general public at risk different scenarios of being staged at three separate concerts at a large arena in the eastern city of Lights is over the course of Saturday, 1 concert stimulates an event before the pandemic with no regulations another with Grace a hygiene practices and some social distancing.

Zedd concert with half as many people standing six feet of Pop's scientists of giving participants fluorescent hand sanitizer to track which surfaces they touch and they fit from a folk machine will be used to visualize the Aerosoles the age of the spread of the virus for NPR news. I'm Esme Nicholson in Berlin thousands of people demonstrated in Jerusalem. Again, Saturday outside the official residence of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They've been Gathering there for several weeks or protest his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his trial on corruption charges that are calling on him to step down. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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