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NPR News: 08-23-2020 10AM ET

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It might seem impossible. But even now you can get the pandemic updates you need alongside uplifting moments that keep you going stay connected with stories for every side of you from NPR and your listener-supported local NPR station.

Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder delegates for the Republican National Convention or holding a second day of business meetings in Charlotte North Carolina today ahead of the convention to official start tomorrow in Ellicott member station wfae has more 336 delegates are meeting in private inside the Charlotte Convention Center their meeting under strict Health guidelines, and must wear face masks and pants Health screenings to participate outside. The convention center protesters are holding daily demonstrations against the convention had a group of Republicans oppose. Our President Trump are also planning to hold a counter convention at a hotel just a few blocks down. The street President Trump is expected to fly into Charlotte on Monday after voting on his renomination gets underway. The boat will kick off a four-day virtual convention to be anchored in Washington DC for NPR news on Nick Del canal in Charlotte Police used bicycles to block protesters on Gathering too close to the Charlotte Convention Center last night the Charlotte PD

They arrested at least one demonstrator who is armed with a gun and use pepper spray to stop another protester armed with a pole from advancing on officers other weekend of violent protests in Portland, Oregon. There were clashes Saturday afternoon involving far-right groups including members of The Proud boys a designated hate group. Please did not intervene saying they were stretched too thin although police did declare a riot during a protest last night. The house has passed legislation to provide 25 billion dollars to The Postal Service and to hold off any changes that could affect serve as well pass a November election and Paris Jason stocking reports of more than two. Dozen House Republicans joined Democrats to pass the bill on a 257 to 150 during an unusual Saturday session due to the pandemic Millions more are expected to cast mail-in ballots this November but now suspended changes to operations by Postmaster General Louis to Joy have raised concerns that the Postal Service.

Won't be able to handle an influx of mail-in ballots multiple statement by President Trump have also triggered fears among Democrats. The White House has promised to veto the bill and it's not expected to dance through the republican-controlled Senate. NATO was rejecting the latest claims from Belarusian President Alexander lukashenko that it is reinforcing troops and Lithuania and Poland to threaten Belarus from Brussels Terry Schultz report to look at Shaker made the accusations while expecting his troops near the Polish border generating. It has no military build-up near the Belarusian border and that it's true presence is strictly defensive president. Lukashenko was like using the alliance and other foreign actors of stirring up the protests that began after August 9th elections used as fraudulent by the political opposition as well as many observers lukashenko misplaced his military on high alert and scheduled drills near the Polish border for this coming week.

The Texas Gulf Coast seems to have caught a break tropical storm. Marco was initially believed to be on a track to bring it close to Galveston. But the updated forecast has shifted Marcos path to the east Harris County Judge Mark Henry says the area is cautiously optimistic that he still recommending that cities like Bolivar be prepared have your plan ready have your kid ready and be prepared for a voluntary evacuation should those things not turn out and we expect significant flooding in Bolivar Hurricane Center expects Marco to grow into a hurricane later today and make landfall tomorrow potentially along the coast of Louisiana tropical storm. Laura is expected to make landfall somewhere along the Gulf Coast on Wednesday Laura running of the Indy 500 will be the most unusual in the history of the race Quinn Klinefelter. Remember station wdet reports. The ongoing pandemic is forcing major changes to the event.

500 will be held without any fans attending on a date other than Memorial Day Weekend the same to Brickyard track itself is Under New Management racing Legend Rodger Penske bought it last year Speedway president Bowls has Penske did not even want to run the race without fans Buttowski decided. If it's not at least broadcast, the financial loss would be catastrophic important to the livelihood of all the folks that put on Races the race teams and their sponsors. They will send broadcast Personnel present at a facility built to hold about 300,000 people for NPR news. I'm Quinn Klinefelter.
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