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My name is Langston Kerman and I'm a black man who loves conspiracy theories. That's why I along with the beautiful oppressors at iHeartRadio and big-money players have a brand new podcast called. My mama told me each week me in a special guests will explore all the Twisted conspiracies that the white man is keeping secrets. So listen to my mama told me available on the iHeartRadio app Apple podcast or anywhere else that pods are cast.

Good morning. This is Laura. Welcome to the new corner office the podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work or location and hours. I'm a flexible than in the past.

Trick is to craft a Monday morning reflection having a few practices and phrases that help you start the week in energized you to accomplish all sorts of great thing for the past five years. I've had a Monday morning ritual of sorts. I track my time on weekly spreadsheets and I've done this since April of 2015. Yep. I know how I have spent every half hour for the past five years. Don't worry. I won't bore you with the details here.

My time log week starts Monday at 5 a.m. That means that when I wake up on Monday morning, I feel in the last few details from Sunday save the spreadsheet archive it and open a new one.

This gives me a chance to reflect on the week that has just gone into the books and the blank week to come.

It's just a little moment, but I can do a quick review and see what choices I made with my time and I can see a visual representation of the reality that the next week is completely open.

It will be filled with something. Eventually. I will be on the other side of the next 168 hours. But what it is filled with is at least partially up to me.

It's a Memento Mori an inspirational moment all rolled into one.

You may not be into time tracking but I do think that Monday morning presents a great opportunity for reflecting on time that has passed and the time that is about to unfold there are lots of ways you can do this.

When is Toluca over the past week's calendar? How did you feel about the week? Yes, the time is gone, but we can always learn things and doing so all the lessons are fresh is more helpful than when they're hard to remember.

Then spend a minute looking at your calls those for the year your life your week. Whatever keep this posted somewhere that you will see on Monday morning when you know where you're going. It's easier to direct yourself there.

He might also come up with a few phrases that put you in a productive mindset. It can be as simple as this is going to be a great day, or I have everything I need. Maybe you remind yourself that you are open the possibility or that you aim to make people smile. Think about what resonates with you then take a minute to write it at the top of your planner or say it to yourself in the mirror.

In any case it is so easy to start the week and negative mindset people often don't sleep enough on Sunday nights and we hit Monday unsure of what's waiting for us when everyone else is in a bad mood. It can be easy to absorb at even while working from home.

But you don't have to play along you can keep yourself focused on the bigger picture and take control of your mind set the crafting a Monday morning reflection over time. These habits will be grooves into our minds until they become natural.

They take Route until every Monday. It's not something to be endured but unimportant moment the start I hope of something great.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to succeeding in the new corner office.

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