NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-25-2020 9AM ET

NPR News: 08-25-2020 9AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman a National Hurricane Center. It says tropical storm. Laura has been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. It's moving toward the US Gulf Coast NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. The storm is expected to make landfall later. This week storm advisories have been issued for parts of Louisiana and Texas as hurricane Laura continues to strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico officials across Southeast. Louisiana are urging residents to take precautions ahead of the storm Governor. John Bel Edwards has the impact. It could be far and wide are very very powerful storm. I am so this is this is an entirely different experience that we're anticipating now based on the current forecast fall along the Texas Louisiana border Wednesday night into Thursday morning. The storm could come ashore as a category 3 hurricane winds are Johnston NPR news Republicans conclude.

The first night of their National Convention by presenting a softer side of President Trump. They featured him speaking with some Frontline workers in the coronavirus pandemic effort. But NPR's Aisha Roscoe reports Republicans also castigated Democrats and especially Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Trump supporters who spoke and their message seemed to be that Trump is not racist probably the strongest push back of the Night On by danai came from South Carolina Senator Tim Scott of the only black Republican in the Senate and peers. Are you sure Roscoe reporting tonight? Republican delegates will hear from first lady Melania Trump. She will address them from the White House Rose Garden delegates will also hear from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He is traveling in Africa and the Middle East officials at Liberty University in Virginia are doubling down.

After Jerry Falwell Jr. Deny reports that he is stepping down as school president this follows allegations of sexual conduct that goes against the University's Honor Code. The school's Board of Trustees is scheduled to discuss the issue later today NPR Sarah McCammon prepared this report.

A statement released late Monday evening by Liberty spokesman said the quote matters came to light that made it clear that it would not be in the best interest of the university for fall well to remain the president. It said Falwell initially had agreed to resign immediately, but then reversed course in a text message to NPR late Monday Falwell said only that things were quote still up in the air the latest breach between Falwell on Liberty comes on the heels of a Reuters report in which falwell's former business partner claimed. He had a sexual relationship with followed wife which involve Falwell looking on while the pair were together Sarah McCammon NPR news NPR

More than 170,000 people have been evacuated in California had a massive wildfires to separate Wildfire complex is 1 West of Sacramento and the other north of the San Francisco Bay area of each burned about 550 square miles Northeastern University has threatened to rescind the admissions of certain incoming students. They replied on a social media survey that they plan to party when they get to the Boston campus despite pandemic restrictions. Remember station WGBH Kirk carapezza reports on Friday Northeastern sent a letter to more than a hundred students after they voted. Yes to a question about whether or not they're planning to attend parties back on campus if these students refuse to sign a pledge committing to protect the Campus Community from covid-19 Northeastern will rescind their admission offers will some civil Libertarians see it as a threat to free speech 24 year old graduate student. Becky Anderson says, it's a good idea.

Fear or love the right now. It's a fear tactic anywhere between fifteen and twenty thousand students back to campus this month testing all of them for covid-19 and breed three days for NPR news on / carapezza in Boston Russian opposition leader, Alexei navalny remains hospitalized in Germany his room a doctor say they found evidence that he was poisoned. I've only had been moved from a hospital in Siberia is Russian doctors have contradicted the German doctor saying they test in the vale for poisoning and didn't detect any navalny suddenly fell ill last week. This is NPR.
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