Cubs Weekly - Besting the Cardinals, significance of Crosstown Series vs. White Sox

What was the biggest takeaway from the Cubs' five-game series against the Cardinals at Wrigley Field? When Kris Bryant returns, does David Ross immediately slot him back into the leadoff spot? How do the Cubs stack up against the 2020 White Sox? Our Cubs Weekly panel answers these questions and more as host Cole Wright is joined by Bruce Levine and Tony Andracki to recap the crazy week that was and look ahead to the Crosstown Series this weekend at Wrigley Field.

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Welcome, everybody wants to get into the Cubs weekly podcast presented by wintrust proud Legacy partner of the Chicago Cubs and exclusive home to Chicago Cubs checking of course just coming out of a five-game series at Wrigley Field versus the St. Louis Cardinals. It's the first of its kind since 1944 and only the third time we've seen the installment of its time its 1925 1944 and 2020 just lending further to 2020 being one of the crazies years that we've ever seen but nothing crazy about the fact that the Cubs will they won the series if they're six Series win of the season and coming away with that Series win versus the St. Louis Cardinals world has to bring a smile to every single Cubs fans Nationwide and also bringing smiles to come stand faces. It's our guy Tony and brackish water at Marquee Sports Network always the staple here on the Cubs weekly podcast also welcomed into the full. That's a guy who's covered Chicago baseball for over 30 years is Bruce Levine and

I'ma start with you man, because it comes takeaways from this five-game series versus the red birds or know about the 2020 Cubs team if anything it has to show

That's the word that came to my mind Cole is that they grind it out. It's not pretty all the time, but they seem to really be into it. And I think you know when we were talking about the 60 Game season, we all voted to from the very beginning that numbers and a personal stats really won't mean that much and I think more than anyone I've seen the Cubs have been brace that idea that you know, don't worry about whether you are you're hitting at 350 or whether you're you know, you have 10 home run get the job done and grind it out and eat your bet and I think that's indicative of the David Ross Euro right now of what we're watching with the Chicago Cubs and the way they go about their business from that perspective the bigger picture. Is there embracing the old dated a game-to-game attention. You have to pay to try to win that you talk about the grind.

Ability of this ballclub Bruce put a bases-loaded. We haven't seen as many grinding at Bassett last book because we're five 427 with the bases loaded and if you weren't really ever hit the nail on the head Tony that seems to be one of the weaknesses of this team. And then this is a team that really doesn't have a whole bunch of weaknesses. But once they finally start coming through with some of the guys who are at the top are coming through the dangerous punch. Yeah, it really is and I think what Ross said about it, I think it was between games if it was perfect that you just want to keep putting yourself in good situations, and eventually you feel like you'll come through and that was my take away from this weekend is I was impressed with the Cubs ability to stay within their approach offensively, even though it when they were hitting the ball hard and it was right at guys. I mean Hayward hit a ball that was like a hundred five miles an hour off the bat. It was it had like a 960 expected batting average and ended up being somewhat routine fly out to the warning track info.

Field and it was like these guys stayed within their approach. They continue to work pitches and see a lot of pictures raw walks when that's what the picture was given to them. And then they eventually broke through what you know is a David Bowie radio to pitch that ended up being the the big hit in this in this in the doubleheader and kind of in the series as well. But that was impressed me was the Cubs ability to stay within their approach even when they weren't getting the results while results. They did come when David Bowie came to play and we were sitting on Marquee Sports Network studio now sit there talking with my producer next to your I said, so I said stay just watch this the David bote he's coming through this guy right here. You got himself a new t-shirt made by obvious t-shirts, so he's going to come through it. And that's exactly what happened to Tony. I'll go back to you on this one David Bowie when it comes to clutch situations. The stage is never too small for this cat.

No, it's not. I know it is so funny. How many clicks did he has come up with over his Cubs career for a guy who is it doesn't play Everyday, you know, it isn't getting five or 600 at-bats and plate appearances every year and got you come up with those huge moment. We saw it with the the walk-off Grand Slam. I mean one of the greatest moments and most thrilling moments in Cubs history. And then this week 3 run Homer. I mean, I thought the Cubs were, you know, about to get swept in the doubleheader on Monday and he said he is a three-run homer that ends up giving them life and and they are able to carry that over in a Tuesday's winning the same thing again, I mean is in an Ode to come with Bases Loaded. I was thinking exactly what you said called that like with Bases Loaded the Cubs just have not been coming through and all the sudden he gets a 92 mile an hour fastball and just kind of shortens up in and sends it into center field. So yeah, I think it's just been impressive what Bodie has been able to do whenever he's gotten a clutch opportunity.

At the plate he's also been clutch after the game when it comes to his postgame media sessions and interviews with the one I wasn't in the McGregor. I mean, I hear you and Tony in the post-game press conferences. You guys are dogs always get those questions in and if there's anyone who answer those questions as solid as can be it's David bote. I mean this guy seems to be well beyond his years when it comes to experience media twice, huh?

I guess but you know, he had a apple pie yesterday. Yeah, when they asked him about any error, that should have been my Rizzo's and he kind of backed away from that and then came back to it. So he's learning that part of the trade as well. You know, you know that you do I throw that one off of Rizzo's glove should have been Rizzo's error. But when the question was asked if it was a loaded question about now, the air should have gone the other way, you know, David said next question, please well, you know as a young player Young athlete you just you just don't do that. Unless you're Bobby Knight or unless you're you know, one of the the all-time greats would his credit he came back and answer that question and said, maybe I need to make better throw. So not quite the finished product there, but is certainly a very willing and open guy to talk to you after games. I think he's pretty interesting guy in

Tony and I will pass the Disco on that is we haven't had a lot of a Bryant's and we haven't had a lot of Baez moments because the the other guys like booty and half and you know for a while it was Horner are they carrying the load of a big hits on this team most of the year so from that perspective, I think once those guys get going and we know the baseball card says they will you know, this could be a really good offense again. It's a different era. It's a strike out of your aura is a strikeout walk extra-base Yara, I think we're all getting used to that but nonetheless up those big guys really haven't hit their stride again. Once they do it could be a good time for the Cubs offense. Will Bruce meet the guys. You're the one big guy that really jumps out as Kris Bryant could you do know that his wrist in his ring finger a little banged up. He had two days off the obviously Thursday. That's a good day to have him off and then that we

In series versus the White Sox, but when he does come back is he just a shoo-in to walk right back in that leadoff spot. What was seeing Ian Happ do in that one hole and pretty amazing.

What it is and you know one thing David Ross has shown is that he's not going to play favorites here and he's not going to go too much with the well, this is what you used to be able to do Black Eyed Peas Bean top-of-the-order always been there since Dexter Fowler and left. Okay, they've tried everybody at that spot a Brian embraced it in spring training after talking to David Ross there and he asked him if he would do it, you know, he has not done well in that role even before he got injured and you know again Ross is always the kind of guy that wants his regulars they hit in a certain position, but at this point it appears half has been so good that he has no choice but to move him up there in bryantown. Now, what is the order of probably look like is a half Bryant Rizzo and everybody else just moving down one. So

Add emotion to the point of saying hey, you're not doing well anymore. We don't want you at the top of the order. It'll just be a different Ascension of people at the top of the order. So, you know. That's interesting to hear Bruce a because I know one thing that this team is really wrap themselves around is no we're not really a focus on results winners focus on winning games, you're having quality a bath and going in there and it's going to run there at the end of the day. It's all about one guy having the next ice packets that Band of Brothers mentality that we see each and every single picture in each and every single out in the Dugout, but wait when you look at it that some of the approaches and you look at Kris Bryant potentially being back in that one hole or with hits. The three hole is not going to have them back towards the back in the lineup. But but why not if that's what helps the team if that's for the greater good of the squad going to see more pictures in potentially a 6 hold or maybe a seven-hole don't you think he would perhaps want to put that ego aside and say God whatever it takes if I see more pictures down a little bit further down in the lineup.

Let's do it. I'm on my way home game.

Yeah, I mean, I think we saw that in 2018 when Brian done with a shoulder injury, he came back so line up and get 5th and 6th a couple times too. So I don't think you know, if Ross went to him and said like hey, I think you need to hit 7, I don't think Brian's you go with stand in the way. It's not just it's not that type of guy that he is but I do think that Brian still gives the Cubs so much more upside. So I agree I'd like what Bruce said in that I can see a very realistic scenario that have Brian Rizzo is the top three, especially because hobby has struggled as well and is not really necessitating meeting be in the top three. So Brian what he does best in look, he wasn't right. He hit the home run after you rolled over his wrist, but after that it was just very clear that he wasn't right. You didn't look right you swinging through 92 mile an hour pitch is right in the middle of his own like that Kris Bryant when healthy just doesn't do that. Maybe he follows me back. Maybe he just misses him and flies out but to swing and Miss like that on a

Bases that you just didn't look right. So but before that he had a rough opening Series, but I think you did a lot of what they wanted from him at the top of the order. He saw a lot of pictures he got on base a lot in between the opening Series in the injury. He actually was with performing pretty well. It's similar to Brian standard. So I think when he does come back, I can certainly see him in that number two spots kind of setting the table little bit and getting on base. Well when it comes to guys that haven't gotten going yet that you talked about Hobby said that the lineup not necessitate of him being in that three hole of Bruce Wheatley seen having to buy a struggle mightily at the play. He has not mistaken 11.

2 strikeout games at least the two strikeouts in it and it's some of the intensity seen that the play it just don't look ma vs Chimera seeing with your what they call on the street to a butt out strike out in your on the outside pitch you trying to put over the left-field fence. So what are we going to see him at some more focused at bat and a different approach at the plate because the way he's been going as of late not where he wants to be in bed under 200.

Yeah, you know what we've learned about Harvey over the years. There's no Rhyme or Reason to his hot streak. So when he gets it going I we've seen him have hot first half and cold second has like last year before he got hurt last year. He was having a cold second half after being in Fuego the first half of 2019 was he in Contreras was carrying the team off sensibly. So from from that perspective in it's just kind of hard to say, but we do know one thing once he starts moving the ball at The Meadowlands right field. This is the guy that it's almost impossible to get out. So when he when he when he drops the mentality of trying to pull everything and pulling his head off everything, this is one of the best players in baseball that we know getting back to it Jess and I post a question about he in the hitting instructors are working on things, but you know by has certainly knows himself better than anyone else see the interesting thing that we heard yesterday from Jason.

Hayward when Tony and I were on a resume after the game we heard from him that the players are helping each other with their swings more than ever before because the access is in his good to scouting reports and video and information on guys pictures from from everywhere because of the times that we have right now and no games being played at those other sites in the blind against a lot of pictures and hitters and therefore they're helping each other out with information about technically stay in their own Zone. I found that to be very interesting because that is a very old school thing that used to take place back in the day up until maybe the 1990s where a guy starts using started using video and are relying more on the personal coaching from from hitting instructors in this case.

Now people are reverting back to that old. Hey, that's not you. Here's what you're pulling off. And I think that that's a very helpful thing for the Cubs moving forward with father of a video with breakdowns. We know Tony Gwynn we going to that lab and sit there and watch video of opposing pictures and then he come out and then no big whoop just coffee table slate at 394 just like that. But when it comes I'll be by is Tony Racine am struggling, you know after we hit that double other day. He said I want the ball give me the ball back so we can do that in such a long time.

Yeah, you know I'm totally with you cuz I thought that game on Tuesday was going to open them up because you look so much more relaxed after that double and then schwarber hit the Homer and his kind of classic. Javi asked you just sit there and admired it for a while and you know it if a guy can have swag standing on second base and scoring on a homerun and Javi can do it, you know, and that's exactly what happened. But and then after that he drove away slider and a 3-2 pitch that you didn't swing at which I thought was impressive because he's been swinging at that a lot the last couple of weeks. So I thought you know, that's good and then his last time up he actually goes to

I feel like Bruce said between always the key for hobby, but it ended up just being a fly out, but I'm like, okay, this might be the three plate appearances that gets high by his going sure enough that wasn't the case cuz Wednesday he came in and and struck out a few times again. So, you know how he will come around. I don't have any question about that but it is a matter of when and in the shortened season and I'm not sure exactly what him as we talked about line of construction with Ross. I'm very curious to see how Ross handles and moving forward if these hobby struggles persist for a little bit longer than even this weekend. I feel like sometimes it's the old guy over there my lawn because I'm not a huge fan of the strikeout. I'm not a big fan of launch angle. And that's I feel like a byproduct to get a lot of lot of times these guys they're swinging for the fences and putting the ball and Play Station to Station and isn't the utmost importance when you sit there and watch him bases loaded and sometimes game they just become mad. And so that's why I want to see hobby. You'll get that form back in and be the hobby.

Why is that we know he can be in a talk about a guy that's getting this form back in the last three outings. Talk about three at-bats on Tuesday for Javy Baez. But the last three outings for Craig Kimbrel. I mean bruises look like Kim Burrell bowl that mean he got his first save on Wednesday. I feel like even though it was either way Craig Kimbrel. He's back in the mix and whether or not he's that closer weather. Is he a round wicker Jeremy Jeffress for David Ross to have that kind of a problem right now to look down his Venture look down in the bullpen see that he has three quality arms and and maybe even afford to write the pair that you can throw in the mix. Bad problem.

Yeah, I mean lucky you're not going to win anything less Kimbrell's at the end and doing his job. Okay. So being straightened out is the key to their season because no matter how good these other guys are Ian. And which is done a really good job. Jeffress is done a good job, you know, you see te para really Manning up and doing a good job. You need that that Big Hoss at the end and you need him to be Craig Kimbrel and he's slowly getting back to that. David Ross talked about the fact that he's not quite there yet. Even with these recent outings you'd like to see the breaking ball have a little bit more depth and he thinks he's going to get there but when he's not going out here thinking a million different things, he's just letting his good stuff and his balance and his mechanics through their think this has been a mechanical issue that became a mental issue.

When you start thinking about your mechanics and you're out there as a top picture like he is all sudden, it becomes a mental issue and then you start losing of the trust in your stuff and you start being unbalanced on the mound. He's getting really close. Now. The last three outings are evidence that he's getting close. But again as Ross said it's not quite Craig Kimbrel yet, but it on his way there very confident. And the one thing I liked he was asked directly at any point in time. Did you lose your confidence in yourself? And he said very directly know and didn't move go off of that. So her from all of that. That's what you want in your closer. You want that Swagger you want that belief that you're Invincible you want Kimbrel to get back to that mentally to go on with these physical and mechanical changes that he's made.

Kimba wood with that new found confidence, but we've seen that same conference exude from Jeremy Jeffress all season long and and ride to care for that matter. We saw its perecman the other day and then absolutely blow doors beside you just got to the guy that kind of rides underneath the radar but he either way you don't want to talk about a confidence level being at a new High dolls a lot Tony. I mean he comes in in in in short working goes in there in game two of a doubleheader during absolutely deals. I mean, if one one run allowed and it wasn't even an earned run so when you look at what he could bring the table for the back half of the season, I mean, it sounds funny but the back half of the season is almost here already. What could he mean for the next 6 weeks?

Yeah, I think Ron said it best with alzolay that he feels as though he's going to get some big out and pick some big innings for the Cubs down the stretch it and I think so too. We saw a glimpse of it in Wednesday's game and Elsa had a great debut last season when he came up and Pitch while struggled once in in an outing in the starting rotation, but he also he only had some limited time in the big leagues last year because his innings, was was where was that based off of some recent injury so curious to see where he fits in with his team moving forward, but that curve balls major weapon and it had it translated from the minors and majors in the past, but it did on Wednesday, you know, you got five of his six strikeouts on the curve ball itself. So I think if he can continue to keep that going maybe he goes to South Bend for a bit here and then the Cubs call him back up or maybe just fixing to rotation for a little while, but I was a lazy guy thinks he can get some dick out and help the Cubs weather in the bullpen or rotation moving forward.

Back and forth last season but last season that's clearly in the rearview mirror and app. I mean this dude, he does damage from both sides of the plate whenever he's a n on a play, you know, you have to keep your eyes peeled offensively and that, you know, if I had to cast my ballot if you just many games will the season for the team MVP. I mean, I think I might have to write in

Yeah, well, he might be in the National League MVP race as well the way he's gone. So he has been quite impressive in and just see above the plane of the Swing has changed dramatically you see him being able to get on top of a high fastball yesterday, you know, he's been known as a low-ball hitter and that you can get them out of the top of his own and up when when they start looking at that video of the next team like the White Sox or the next opponent. They're going to have their going to start scratching their head because there's not a quick way to get him out. Sure. He's going to strike out that'll be a part of it. But the damage that he's doing to the opposite field left-handed and the Improvement that he's made right-handed with his power stroke is very impressive so I can have the Lion's Share of the heavy lifting last year when he went back to the minor leagues and toiled down there for two and a half months before he came up in as Tony.

I watch the in St. Louis and right before that was their best hitter in the month of September as well last year. So this is just a lot of hard work paying off green happen, if you know showing off in the field where he has been one of the most influential hitters on the team Russia touch of the fact that the White Sox are coming into town and me just a short ride in the other way. You look at this White Sox team mean there was a power pack bunch. And I know that bragging rights are on the line and he's a bit Dallas. Keuchel he's going to be doing on Friday and in game 1. I mean if your the Cubs the lineup of Dallas keuchel got no walk in the park and keep spiders out front and off balance and it's going to be a hard nitty-gritty softball series.

Yeah, I mean he combines a lot of the things that the old Mark Burley I used to be like for the White Sox. He can buy a lot of things that. Jon Lester does as the reinvented Jon Lester right now and that is a good command on both sides of the played Sinker slider ground ball machine. That's what that's what keuchel is. He will get the swing in this when he has a little bit better of a fastball on a given day, but it's it's all about soft contact and he does it as well as anybody he's been there most effective person on the field off the field. He's been out tremendously influential calling a player's out in Personnel out about not being attentive and not being in a game in a particular point in about 10 days ago. This is the guy with a lot of leadership ability also a guy that's playing on championship team. So he's been an important guy of the Cubs will have their hands full Center.

When he pitches on Friday Geico, he pretty much laid everything out there and told you how he felt and since then they they really don't about face and your you talk about that match your Bruce and it's Dallas keuchel vs. Jon Lester the reinvented Jon Lester and you know, if your Jon Lester you you're getting a nice little rat stuff on the day off on Thursday. Everyone gets to take a break from the ballpark but back when Friday rolls back around so I can send you all systems go in in the thing for her for Jon Lester as we've seen him be so solid with that with that reinvented attack. How does he get past this this lineup of White Sox because last time I looked

Yeah, they do end and we've seen it from the stocks. Like they can get hot in a hurry like things can be going well and then they can hit 4 homers in a row and we see guys like, you know, Robert and and mayonnaise and Aubrey you I mean like these guys moncada and Anderson are still doing as well as they are Edwin Encarnacion. Looks like he's back like there's a lot of right-handed power in this line. And as you mentioned call it it will be a tough matchup for last year. I just in general. I think it'll be a tough matchup for Darvish and Hendricks later in the weekend too because the White Sox they can score in bunches and very very quickly. So it could be a very offensive series of the Cubs can figure out what they need to do and get the results as we talked about earlier. If you're Kyle Hendricks, if you're at your anyone in the starting rotation for the Cubs, that's pretty much that he'd be the copy at we want to throw out there for world is fair worn because like Tony said Bruce this White Sox lineup today.

Dangerous Parts in all these young guys. They can hit. I mean we know how dangerous he is with the bat.

Yeah, he's been banged up a little bit here. He says suffering with little back issues. So I'll probably another day off from today and maybe get back into the lineup this weekend. But the White Sox are Monster against left-handed pitching. Okay, they are as you pointed out heavy right handed Power Team. So the grand out getting back into the swing of things literally and figuratively both is very important because you're the guy that they brought into add power as long as well as his his frame size is catching up ability and is framing ability. So from the left side he and moncada and they hope mazaris there to pick it up because they can t pitch to buy good right-handed pitching. It's just a question of the balance in their lineup and be able to match up against Hendricks and Darvish over the weekend as well with could have bats.

Bruce you been covering the the Crosstown Classic series since the Shoeless Joe Jackson days, man. What do you think? Is this the most anticipated games Denton Tony and I are so I don't know who I might start calling the kettle black now holds your butt up. What what's this Crosstown series with what's it like this one? The most anticipated right now guys because of the no fans and what with no fan this series. We saw it in the Cardinals series and some of the players talked about it in their sessions as well deal with the media is just a little bit and then the Cardinals and the White Sox Cubs a lot less because there's so much energy for the fans and so much that the players pick up on is far as the adrenaline rush that are right now in baseball.

If you want to call Dad, I'm going out and covering these games and it's his Odd as I can be of the product on Marquis and on television and in there on the radio is much better than it is in person. It it's it can be dreadfully awful in person because of the lack of fan looking down there at the NPC's and knowing that the both of you as a media person and more importantly the players miss that a type of adrenaline and a type of energy behind them. So I look for this to be not quite the series it's been in the past because the fans for the Cubs and White Sox so much to do with this series in the end that's just not going to be part of it is games with no fans. It's just not the same, you know, and that's the crowd Noise by my bodyguard. I don't know about you Tony, but the problem

Not really pay too close attention to everything that's going on outside of the actual matchups in the game. And if you feel like you're in a regular game and last time I look I don't know myself game to see who sitting in the stands. I turn on a baseball game or a basketball game or a football game to actually watch the product on the field.

Oh, yeah, I think the only unrealistic part about this is the fact that went on one of the Cubs players. I brine a reservoir Javi flies out to the Outfield a routine fly out and there's not there's a huge rush of crowd noise. Like there is typically at Wrigley thinking is a home run or whatever. That's the only somewhat unrealistic part. But yeah, the crowd noises really faded in the background for me. I haven't even thought about it when I've been there as much but the Bruce's point to I I mean I have noticed every single day. There's probably not an ending that goes by to be honest that I don't recognize and I'm not cognizant of that fact that I looked down at Wrigley Field in there are no fans. So it will be different absolutely for this series, but I do think what this series brings for the first time in a long time and Crosstown is it's important meeting these three games here coming up this weekend me more to either side than the Knights of the Cubs or the White Sox in a long time old teams are contending both teams are buying for the division in four playoff spot and I think these three games and then the three of you close out the season to sell stuff.

They're going to be some of the toughest and biggest games for either team is probably tough for Bruce walking into Wrigley Field with no fans because you're used to such a large round of applause every time you walk up there to the volume of a man when I cover the series initially, they didn't play at Wrigley Field, you know, they were at the all the old Westside ballpark. So I roam freely and then they still say hey to look at the crazy noises coming out of left field Bruce Levine actually the one who coined that take a look at the series just right before we get to get out of here because if we could take a page out of Bill Belichick's book, we know what he likes to do when it comes to game plans. He likes to neutralize the other team's drank. So if there's one player that you can take out of the mix on the White Sox and not even have to worry about him anymore Bruce who would it be

Call right. Now, you know, it's Anderson. He's the one he's the one guy that you just can't get out. His confidence is sky-high. His ability to hit for power now has escalated to the point where he's just doing a tremendous amount of opiates damage, you know, he's just pounding the ball into the alleys out of the ballpark and they pick up on his energy is energy is the key to the Chicago White Sox. He really gets things going both of which is bad and with his attitude and he's there most important part you take him out of there. That's a different team and we saw it when he was out with an injury. It was him and his playing style Bruce would you say that he reminds you of a young Cole right by chance.

You know it with the Cubs. Do you know what I think you know if you going to take a player out of there and it's going to have a huge impact right now. It's back to where our topic is. Ian Happ is the man right now. Okay for those listening they can't see is Tony, but we're on Zoom. So it will generate a Bill Belichick going to put up put on my hood here and and then and asked you if you could take one player away. They Tony's got Tony's got his head out as well. He's ready to go. So you don't even take one player way in Cincinnati just like Bill Belichick.

Yeah, I think I bruised his living rent-free in my head because I was exactly what I was going to stay on the point about Tim Anderson. I think the energy that Anderson bring the top the White Sox lineup right now is the key to sew in and honestly to for the other way. It's got to be half. So if both those got you on the Northside and Southside teams here in the crosstown, I think you got to take out take away the leadoff hitter if you're both pitching stats, you got to keep those guys off base and and from putting balls in the bleachers. I think you have a pretty good chance of winning. All right, well or the weekend series it's going down it all gets underway Friday at Wrigley Field. It's the crosstown Series White Sox Cubs is Dallas keuchel taken on Jon Lester the Battle of finesse Lefty's we'll see how this one goes. It's going to be fun all weekend long just like this install it becomes BP podcast reduce the vine from Rocky and myself col-rite. So remember always TuneIn right here. The comes weekly podcast of the Chicago Cubs and exclusive home to Chicago.

Cubs checking in remember as always if you like what you're hearing here on this podcast don't have to download on Spotify and apple or wherever you download your podcast. Then we'll see you next time.
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